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15 Thoughts You Have During Zumba

With exams coming up, we’re all bound to get stressed out. Thus, we all find ways to cope with it. Some find it through food, others find it through exercise. Group fitness classes may be fun, but it can sure be difficult to navigate your way through it – especially if you’ve never been before. We just wanted to let you know – we understand. Here’s 15 thoughts you have during Zumba.

1. Where can I get that outfit?

2. I think I’ve seen her in my yoga class.

3. I hope my butt can keep up with these moves.

4. OMG, I love this song!

5. How do they do that?

6. Okay, my dreams of being a dancer are officially crushed.

7. This looked better on YouTube.

8. Whoa, that’s a scandalous move.

9. I’m just going to not look in the mirror.

10. Wow, I’m tired.

11. It’s only been 15 minutes?!

12. Why is everyone smiling?

13. They’re probably laughing at me.

14. That’s a lot of sweat.

15. I’ll be the one laughing when I look fit AF after this.

The important thing is to be fit and have fun. Good luck on exams everyone!

Tasnia is currently a student at the University of Waterloo in the Honours Rhetoric and Professional Writing Coop Program. With an interest in journalism and the communication industry, her passions include reading, writing, and watching commercials on YouTube. Follow her on twitter @tasnia_n! 
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