10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sororities

I am often greeted with two questions when I tell people I am in a sorority at the University of Waterloo. Firstly, “Waterloo has sororities?” and secondly, “is it like the movies?” So obviously, yes there are sororities at Waterloo, three in fact! And secondly, no it’s not like the movies. So, let me share a few facts that may surprise you about what it is like to be in a sorority!

  1. 1. History!

    Many sororities are full of rich history. The first known sorority was founded back in 1851.

  2. 2. Waterloo Has Three Different Sororities on Campus!

    There are two international sororities on campus; Kappa Kappa Gamma, who was founded at Monmouth College, Illinois in 1870 and Alpha Omicron Pi, who was founded at Barnard College, New York in 1897. There is also a local chapter, Sigma Lambda Gamma, who was founded at the University of Waterloo in 2004.

  3. 3. Hollywood Got it Wrong!

    I’d like to crush your Hollywood view of how sororities act. It is not a group of women attending wild parties 24/7 and hazing their new members. In fact, hazing is absolutely not tolerated in any sorority and can even result in your chapter being shut down. Every member is treated with respect and the foundation of our bond as sisters is built around common values and beliefs.

  4. 4. Who Runs the World? Girls!

    Babes supporting babes – sororities embody girl power (que Beyoncé music). There is none of the cattiness shown on TV between members of a sorority or between different sororities. It is truly a community of love and support!

  5. 5. Volunteer work!

    Each sorority is heavily involved in philanthropy work, often partnering with a foundation and working hard to raise money and awareness for their cause every term.

  6. 6. Valuable Life Skills are Fostered!

    Some of the most important skills I’ve learned have come from my time in a sorority. The work we do helps to foster strong communication, leadership and organizational skills that I use time and time again in my school and work life. They provide huge opportunities for growth and learning as you take on various responsibilities and roles.

  7. 7. Alumna

    The alumna network you are introduced to is pretty amazing! With some sororities having hundreds of chapters you have access to many incredible members and alumni! Since sororities are built of supporting young women, there are many incredible members who have worked hard to become powerhouse women in the world.

  8. 8. Lifelong Connection!

    Your bond with your sisters often goes beyond just your University years. You meet some of your best friends through Greek life. I just attended a wedding of one of our alumna!

  9. 9. Greek Council

    The Greek community (including the fraternities and sororities) participate in a joint council at University of Waterloo. We socialize, develop strong friendships and bonds and help ensure Greek life is a positive experience for all its members!

  10. 10. A Family Away From Home!

    I came from a different province to Ontario and knew absolutely no one. Joining a sorority really provided me with a home and I know it gave the same opportunity to many others. These girls become some of your closest University friends and really would do anything to help support you.


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