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I remember fall of 2016, when I visited UWaterloo for the first time. Not gonna lie, but I thought Waterloo was pretty ugly. I saw the brown, musty, ancient buildings everywhere and thought it seemed dead. Yet, while quarantined in my home in Toronto, I start longing for these small things in Waterloo that I never thought I would miss.  

Late night runs to Mel’s

Mel's Diner is the pivotal UWaterloo spot. With its retro feel and its signature milkshakes, this diner definitely gives off Riverdale vibes. I remember coming here at 5am with my friends in the summer of 2019 after a night out. Not only did I have a night of fun, but I also discovered how delicious fries with maple syrup is. In an odd way, it's one of the most hidden Canadian delights.

“You on campus?”

This is the best type of text. You may be studying at SLC and all of a sudden one of your friends texts you this because they want to see you. So, of course you’re going to go all the way to Dana Porter just to see your friend’s face

Arguing which is better: Coco’s or Chatime 

Okay, to put the bubble tea fanatics to rest, I say Coco’s has the best fruit tea and Chatime has the best milk tea. As well, Chatime has more versatile flavors, but Cocos’ tapioca is top-notch!

Coming to class late with...

I absolutely love coming to class late because I needed to go to Starbucks. Was it an emergency, or am I simply addicted to sugar? And, of course, my prof gives up and rolls their eyes at me, because they’re so used to my punctual behaviour. 

Trying to restart my fitness goals with CIF

Every semester I tell myself I’ll become more fit by visiting CIF three times a week. Unfortunately, I only visited CIF once a week, but I told myself I was making progress. Then it turned into visiting monthly. But hey — at least I went!

Uptown Waterloo

Waterloo, I have to say, one of the best things you ever did was create that train! It makes traveling so much easier. But anyway, I love Uptown Waterloo, it has that nice urban yet retro vibe that makes me feel as if I’m part of a Gilmore Girls episode. Two of my favourite places are their boujee cafes and Carry-On Comics! That store helped revitalize my dying yet passionate love for comics.


Waterloo fam, don’t hate me, but I actually like iPotato more than Lazeez (I don't mean to defame Lazeez, but I find that their food is oiler than iPotato). iPotato is so delicious — the rice, potato (or fries) and chicken combo is so spicy yet fulfilling. My mouth waters just thinking about it. 

The Go Bus

Okay, maybe I am going crazy because of quarantine, but I do miss taking the Go Bus, especially when my destination is square one. I mean, their Indigo is gigantic and castle-like, kind of like those boujee libraries in NYC. And then, after my trip, I would go purchase a sushi burrito, because that’s one of the world’s best inventions!

I do not miss taking the FedBus, because it was wayyyyy too crowded. And, of course, somebody is going to bring a whole suitcase with them, even though the FEDs specify to bring only a backpack.

Looking through STC for a study room

Here’s a tip: the best study spot is STC’s empty classrooms (specifically downstairs). They’re super quiet, spacious, and the perfect place for you to procrastinate studying and just chill with your friends.

My beautiful friends

I miss all of you. Some of ou guys are all around the world, like North York, Vancouver, and Aurora. When all of this is over, we all must go to Starbucks and catch up. I’m so thankful for all the wonderful people I met at UWaterloo — you have transformed my life for the better, in some way or form.

Two things I don’t miss: those stupid geese! I swear, they are possessed with some demons, because there’s no way a Canadian can be so cruel. Oh, and those nasty washrooms at SLC. 

What do you miss about Waterloo? Let me know!

3rd Political Science and Business Student at the University of Waterloo. In my free time I love gushing over comics, music, feminism and exploring new places (last place I traveled was Taiwan!)
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