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10 Items to Add to Your College Wardrobe This Fall



It can be tricky to incorporate trendy pieces of the season into your everyday wardrobe. Here are my fave items for Fall 2019 that you can easily wear to college and work.

Plaid Blazer

Plaid is a huge trend this Fall. You can incorporate this pattern very easily to your college or work wardrobe. Pair plaid blazers with a monochrome outfit for a statement look. You can also wear plaid blazers with jeans and a t-shirt for a fashionable, business casual appearance which is perfect for college. And do not forget the midi dresses!

Dark Florals

Transition your floral Summer dresses and skirts to Fall by combining it with plain blazers, oversized sweaters and trench coats. Sneakers or tall boots will help with the Fall vibes.

Leather Bottoms

While leather might have always been fashionable, this Fall you’ll find a huge variety of leather skirts, pants, and shorts on our favourite shopping websites. We are seeing leather paper-bag pants and shorts and midi skirts everywhere.

Pearl Accessories 

Pearl accessories were a very trend during this Summer and can be used to easily accessorize your Fall basics to add style and colour.

Knee-High Boots

Although ankle boots are a must-have Fall item, tall boots are making a comeback this season. And to clarify, I am not talking about suede, over the knee boots. For a more classic look you can add black, brown or burgundy leather tall boots to your wardrobe and wear it with your fave pair of jeans, maxi or midi skirts, florals – everything really!

Satin Skirt

Another huge trend of Summer 2019, satin skirts can be worn with chunky sweaters and sneakers. This piece will immediately transform your look and you’ll appear more fashionable and put together with pretty much every sweater you put on.

Beret Hats

Beret hats are a perfect addition to your Fall wardrobe to keep you warm and elevate your look. I know that we all tend to go to greys and blacks as it’s getting colder, however, a red, pink or mustard beret can be a nice pop of colour.


From pants to skirts to jackets, anything corduroy is very trendy this Fall. Choose from Fall colours such as mustard, burgundy, army green, or burnt orange to complete your look.


Knitwear is obviously the must-have for Fall and Winter. However, this Fall, classic knitwear is updated with a twist. Abstract patterns, asymmetric cuts, jewel tones – you name it. Also, Rib-knit dresses and skirts are ideal for a comfy yet chic look.


Tired of wearing those skinny jeans? Me too! Swap your skinny jeans for pretty much any other cut this Fall, and you’ll be surprised how much it adds to a very basic outfit. Try straight leg, wide leg, crop, midi and mini denim skirts. And do not forget the oversized denim jackets!

What is your go-to fall fashion trend?

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