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10 Emotions Co-op Students Go Through

Co-op season has started and everyone in the co-op stream knows just how competitive it can be. While students have to keep attending classes and maintain good enough averages, we also have to balance that with applying for jobs and attending interviews. Since we’re all in this together, here are some emotions I’m pretty sure everyone goes through during the co-op season.

1. It started already? LOL I haven’t even started working on my assignment that’s due tomorrow yet!

2. Here I am… unprepared like I’ll always be.

3. I should probably look at what jobs there are and pray that I find one that I both like and am qualified for…

4. “The potential candidate should be able to work in a fast-paced environment, should be comfortable using cutting-edge technology, must be able to work 40 hours a week, have CSS/HTML/Javascript/VITA experience, can use DJCK software to automate various functioning systems with ease, is able to maintain software and fix any problems resulting in malfunctions, operates c++ with ease and assists with the adaptation of the prototype software at each stage.”

5. LOL. Do I have any qualifications?

6. Okay, time to find that resume and cover letter.

7. This needs some serious updating.

8. *Spends an entire day writing five lines*

9. Okay, now time to actually apply for jobs.

10. Applied to five, I’m going to sleep now.

Good luck to everyone in co-op trying to find a job! Remember, the more jobs you apply to, the higher your chances are of getting hired. Even when you’re left in continuous round, don’t give up, and know that even if you get interviews, don’t stop applying until you’ve secured a match.

May the odds of finding a job be with you.

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