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YouTubers to Binge Watch Right Now

Unpopular opinion: YouTube videos are better than Netflix series. There, I said it. Now, I know some people aren’t fond of YouTubers and don’t see the appeal of short 7 minute videos. However, I’m here to convince you otherwise. Here are a few of my favorite YouTubers that you can binge watch right now:

David Dobrik

Of course, David has to be at the top of my list. His short vlogs are always 4:20 long (hehe) and he has hundreds of them, which makes his channel totally binge-able. See what crazy things he and his friends, aka the Vlog Squad, get up to like filling a pool with thousands of pounds of dry ice or blind-folding and surprising people with wild animals. Don’t forget to watch David give people cars too (thanks Seatgeek).


Cody Ko

If you’re a fan of reaction videos, then you’ll love Cody Ko. Watch him and his friends (my fave is Noel) react to viral videos surfacing the Internet as he adds hilarious commentary that’ll have you wheezing in no time. Or you can always watch him and Noel play Love Island (no need for explanation here; just watch).


The Try Guys

Another one of my favorite channels on YouTube. These four ex-Buzzfeed employees created a channel wherein they try things they have never tried before (hence the title). Ranging from things such as trying to bake sweets without a recipe, putting on a drag fashion show, and testing out a birth simulator, each and every video is guaranteed to make you laugh (or at least smile a bit).


Safiya Nygaard

Similar to the Try Guys, Safiya Nygaard tries fun challenges such as buying products off of suggested Instagram ads, picking out her makeup blindfolded, and dressing like store mannequins for a week. Her fun experiments always have interesting outcomes and makes you want to try some of your own!


Sean Lew

Not many know of Sean Lew’s channel, however, everyone should. Sean is a dancer based in LA and all of his videos make you wonder if he’s even a real human. He has many talents besides dancing such as cooking and singing and has appeared on shows such as Chopped Junior and World of Dance. His videos will make you obsessed and will make you want to get up and dance yourself!


James Charles

I had to add the one and only queen, James Charles, to this list of amazing YouTubers for obvious reasons. James creates makeup tutorials and various lifestyle videos as well. His makeup looks will turn you into an instant beauty guru and make you look good and fresh (you feel me?). If you’re a makeup lover like me, sister James’ channel is the perfect one to binge.


Yes Theory

If you’re ever feeling like you need a motivational push, Yes Theory will make you jump out of your comfort zone in a heartbeat. With their motto being “seek discomfort,” the Yes Theory boys partake and create challenges for people to get out of their comfort zone and say “yes” more often. From asking strangers to skydive, skinny dip, and fly across the world with them for 24 hours, these boys are able to get just about anyone to say yes to anything.


Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is the ultimate trick shot channel. From sports ranging from soccer, football, hockey, shooting, and basketball, the Dude Perfect guys nail every single trick shot effortlessly. They also feature fun guests such as Russell Wilson and Odell Beckham Jr. They’ll leave you wondering how they do it every time!



This fun Seattle-based channel has a really cool series called Line Up wherein strangers will guess things about a group of people such as match the voice to the person, who’s the best kisser, and bartenders guess who’s underage.  And they have another series called Fear Pong wherein they have siblings, exes, and blind dates engage in fear pong with fun challenges! Their channel is super entertaining to watch and have interesting insights with every video; plus, there’s a ton of episodes to binge right now!


So, what are you waiting for? Get to binging!

Abby Vincent

Washington '21

Current sophomore studying Communications and Sales at the University of Washington. Enjoys writing, travel, music, doggos, and eating too much food in one sitting. Follow her socials!- Instagram & Twitter: _abbyvincent_
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