Your Zoom Personality Based on Your Enneagram

Just like the well known Myers-Briggs test, the Enneagram is a fun and easy way to test your “personality type.” Enneagram allocates personality types based on numbers one through nine, each defined by certain characteristics. The Enneagram test is surprisingly accurate in many circumstances, but be sure to take all of the following with a grain of salt. Although the Enneagram can be an accurate and fun representation of your personality, remember that no person can be completely boxed into just one category! Also, all of the personality types mentioned below are equally wonderful and should be celebrated for the uniqueness that they bring! If you know your Enneagram number already, look below to see how it matches up with your personality on Zoom; if you don’t know your Enneagram type, then click the link below to take the short quiz first!


Type 1- The Reformer

Type 1’s are known for their fantastic work ethic, perfectionism, and rational thinking skills. In a Zoom call, you can count on “The Reformer” to be at every lecture (optional or not), and to have completed and analyzed all the readings before even showing up. This person is sure to succeed, even when the going gets tough!

Type 2- The Helper

Type 2’s are the first person in your Zoom call to send a friendly smile, make conversation with the people in their breakout room, or be there to help any confused classmate out. Type 2’s are caring, generous, and are always thinking about others. These are the people you can be sure to count on when you need a friend in your Zoom call!

Type 3- The Achiever

Type 3’s are driven to work hard by success and praise, and want to be well-liked by their peers. They are the first to answer a question to make a good impression on the Professor even in the most awkward of Zoom calls, and are the first to step up to lead in group projects or in breakout rooms! You can always count on them to get things done, even in an online learning platform. 

Type 4- The Individualist

Type 4’s are artistic, unique, and sensitive; they are not afraid to stand out in a crowd, and are always thinking outside of the box. These are probably the people fiddling with their Zoom backgrounds to stick out from the classic living room vibe, and are the first to come up with a unique and creative approach to solving a problem or designing a class project, causing you to ask yourself: “how haven’t I thought of something that cool before!?” If you’re looking for someone to put a spin on your classic Zoom call, then look out for Type 4’s!

Type 5- The Investigator

Type 5’s may initially seem quiet, but they are deep-thinkers, and are extremely perceptive. In a Zoom call, Type 5’s may not be the biggest fan of conversing in group discussions or breakout rooms, but they are sure to be processing all that they are hearing! Type 5’s are certain to bring immense amounts of wisdom and knowledge to any Zoom call; be sure to give them a chance to speak their mind too!

Type 6- The Loyalist

Type 6’s are responsible, anxious, and are looking to find security in life. The switch to Zoom calls from the typical, in-person classes that they have grown used to has probably taken a toll on all type 6’s, but they will not let their uncertainty get in the way of their education and their drive to get the grades that they want! Type 6’s are the true definition of staying strong when the going gets tough, and deserve a medal for pushing through in these uncertain times!

Type 7- The Enthusiast

If you’re a type 7, Zoom calls might be the be best thing that ever happened to you. As a fun-loving and spontaneous adventure seeker, Zoom provides the freedom that all type 7’s crave: an opportunity to learn AND do things outside of the classroom at the same time. You can probably spot these people walking around their house, eating, and balancing conversations with their family all while still listening to their lecture. They are truly the life of any Zoom call!

Type 8- The Challenger

Type 8’s are powerful, confident, and confrontational. In a Zoom call discussion, these are probably the first people to debate the answer to a math equation or the true meaning of a text that they have read. Although they may seem headstrong, they are simply passionate and confident thinkers; their ability to defend their point of view even if others disagree is a truly admirable thing!

Type 9- The Peacemaker

Last, but not least, are the type 9’s: easy-going and agreeable, these people are sure to be a breath of fresh air in any Zoom call. They are the first to give positive feedback to any classmate’s comment, and are willing to listen and agree to any task set forth by their group members. Don’t take this for them being a pushover, though; type 9’s just want to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible, and are a wonderful addition to any Zoom call.