Your Guide to Netflix’s Newly Released Christmas Movies

Since November is coming to a fast close, it seems only fitting that I supply you all with a list of Netflix’s new Christmas releases to get you into your holiday feels. SPOILER ALERT—these all MUST be watched with a fuzzy blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and an open mind because some (actually most) of these new flicks are, well, cringey at best. But that's the fun of cheesy holiday movies!


1. The Princess Switch

Vanessa Hudgens starts in this Parent Trap-meets-Princess and the Pauper film, featuring a baking contest, a royal engagement, and, of course, a romantic snowy horseback ride. Swoon.

2. Christmas Wedding Planner

Wedding planner meets private detective, and the two join forces to make sure the bride and groom to-be are really right for each other. What are the odds they fall in love with each other along the way?

3. A Christmas Prince

The movie that launched a million memes. Yep, it's that bad (and that good). 

4. The Holiday Calendar

This "just friends" love story will give you all the warm & fuzzy feels. 

5. Christmas Inheritance

Career-obsessed young heiress has to return to the small town where her family's business empire began in order to claim her spot as CEO...and she might just fall head over heels for a certain small-town boy while she's there. 

6. You Can’t Fight Christmas

Family drama? An opposites-attract love story? A Grinch-y heart slowly learning the true meaning of Christmas? Hell yes. 

7. Christmas in the Smokies

When a country music star returns to his tiny hometown in the mountains, he tries to reconnect with an old girlfriend, whose family farm is under threat of foreclosure. Will she forgive him for their past? Can he save the day?

8. Christmas Crush

Georgia comes home to sing with her old Glee Club at their high school reunion, she's hoping to get back together with "the one who got away"—only to discover the man of her dreams might have been right in front of her the whole time. 

9. Miss Me this Christmas

In the midst of her divorce, Regina decides to start a new fling to make her (soon to be) ex-husband jealous. After her new man proposes, Regina has to make a choice—is she ready for another shot at love?

10. How Sarah Got Her Wings

Cheesy? Cliche? Perfect for Christmas binge-watching? Check, check, check.