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WTH is Manifestation and Why You Should Try it

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If you are on TikTok, you have likely seen someone talking about how they used manifestation to get something they wanted. Whether that be money, a job, friends, or Taylor Swift tickets, manifestation seems almost like a magic spell to get you whatever you want. While the reality of manifestation isn’t as magical as it seems, it can help you get into the right mindset to help achieve your dreams.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is NOT a science. It’s more similar to a spiritual belief or simply just a way to boost your confidence and view of the world. Manifestation, law of assumption, or “lucky girl syndrome” as the latest TikTok trends calling is essentially using your thoughts, actions, and beliefs to make your wants a reality. If you believe that you are meant to experience it, then it will happen. For example, if you “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” and believe that you are going to have a bad day, then you are possibly setting yourself up for that bad day to become reality. Using positive affirmations and beliefs help you be ready for success.

Action is still required!

A common critique of manifestation is that just having positive thoughts is not going to help you achieve your goals and that in some ways is true. When manifesting, you still need to work towards your goals! For example, if you were manifesting good grades, you still need to be studying and putting effort into your schoolwork. What manifestation does is it helps you make your intentions clear and helps avoid self-doubt which could lead to you giving up on your dreams. 

So How Do You Actually Do it ?

When looking up manifestation techniques, people tend to become extremely overwhelmed quickly because there are so many different methods that people suggest. The techniques vary in complexity from specific routines and sayings you have to do everyday or maybe you just need to “think positive!” My suggestion is to keep it simple and do whatever sounds fun or relaxing to you. 

First set your intentions. Decide what it is you want. To do this you can make a vision board, write it down, or simply think about how you are going to get this dream. Then do something to remind yourself that it is possible for you to achieve all your dreams and more. To do this, you can say positive affirmations in the mirror, take time to meditate, or again there are many different writing techniques. You can use already existing prompts or methods, for example the 3-6-9 method is popular on TikTok. Or you can just use an already existing journal you write in and take time to reflect on why you want this and show gratitude for all the good things in your life you have already received.

Anikka Stanley

Washington '26

Anikka is a freshman at the University of Washington. She is majoring in Communications and Astronomy. She enjoys Marvel (especially Loki), fashion, and reading.