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Why You Should Start Cleaning Your Room For 8 Minutes In the Morning

I’ve always been kind of a hoarder. I have a lot of…….stuff. It also doesn’t help that my room is pretty tiny, and even a little mess can make my room look like everything is out of place. I wouldn’t call myself necessarily super-messy, but I was never the kind of person that would clean her room on a daily basis. I’m a fairly clean person, but if events like studying for finals, or recording a music video of some sort comes along, cleaning gets put in the backburner.

However, I just gave my room a makeover for the first time in years, and made a pact to myself that I would keep it as nice and tidy and as appealing to the eye as possible. A lot of my recent success can be attributed to getting rid of a lot of my stuff, but after watching a reading a tip about how cleaning your room for 8 minutes in the morning, I decided to try it out for myself. After a month or so of cleaning my room for 8 minutes in the morning every other day are so, here are some reasons why you should clean your room for a couple of minutes in the morning!

1. 8 Minutes Pass By Fast

Just set a timer on and you are good to go! Once you start cleaning, you’ll be surprised at how fast the clock moves. It really only takes roughly the time to make a mess to clean it. One of the reasons why we procrastinate on cleaning is that we think that it will take a lot of time. But if you make time for at least 8 minutes every other day to clean your room, it’ll help you to not put it off for “later.”

2. A Clean Room Is A Clean Mind

Once you get into the habit of cleaning our room more regularly, it can become therapeutic. Instead of viewing it as a chore, you’ll get used to having a more tidy room, and you’ll start to really enjoy having a clean space in which you spend half of your time in; whether that be studying and/or sleeping

4. It Will Help You Get Your Day Started

Ever heard the saying that those who make their bed in the morning will have a more productive day? Well cleaning the rest of your room is just a step above that

5. It’s The Little Habits You Do That Can Change Your Life

Ever since I re-decorated my room to make it the cozy and clean place that it is now, I always look forward to coming home to it. I never realized how much the atmosphere of where you spend a lot of your time can have an impact on you, but it definitely does. It’s the little habits that you do in your life that can make the biggest difference.

So try it! Start cleaning your room in the mornings for a couple minutes and see how that habit can transform your life.


Alyssa is a junior at the University of Washington majoring in Communications/French. Besides writing Her Campus articles, she enjoys traveling, swimming, playing music, and contemplating where to go on her next trip. Check out my website: alyssatran.com
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