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In commemoration of National Cat Day on October 29th, I am here to remind everyone about why cats are the most wonderful pets you can have (though as a cat mom myself I might be a little biased).

Cats Are Great Low-Maintenance Pets (Perfect for Someone in College)

Cats are independent—they can feed themselves and they know how to use a litter box. All you have to do is scoop their poop once every two days. Cats are also okay with not having a routine and with being left alone for longer periods of time than dogs. This makes them the perfect pet for someone in college!

Cats Are Very Affectionate

Arguably, cats are the world’s best cuddling buddies! They don’t discriminate when it comes to species, shapes, or sizes. Every cat is a little different—they have their own sweet spots. If you take a little time to learn where they like being snuggled up at, they will turn from pet to family member in no time!

They Make Great Emotional Support Animals 

As someone with seasonal depression, I find it hard to get out of bed sometimes. Having cats encourage me to get up (be it to feed them, or when they are eager to play). The fact that cats are low maintenance also helps seeing them more as a fun playful buddy instead of as another responsibility or obligation. I find myself getting excited to go home after a long day because I get to see my cats!

Cats Can Help You Learn a Lot About Your Personality

Cats are less malleable compared to dogs. This means that every cat will have their own little quirks, like their favorite corner, a favorite wet food texture or flavor. One of my cat absolutely refuses to move from the bottom right of my bed. When I first got her, there was a lot of effort on my end to try get her to move, and a lot of biting on her end. Nowadays I learnt to be more easygoing about her peculiarities and about life in general. Negotiating boundaries with a cat can teach you a lot about your own personality!

Katarina Gunawan

Washington '21

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