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Why Timothée Chalamet and Harry Styles are the Iconic Duo We’ve Been Waiting for

Last week, I woke up to an Instagram DM from one of my best friends that linked to Timothée Chalamet’s then latest instagram post about his interview with Harry Styles for i-D Magazine. Her message underneath read “I’m screaming. This is the iconic duo we needed.” Her and I are both huge fans of Timothée Chalamet and bonded over our intense love for the book and movie Call Me By Your Name (any of my friends reading this are probably thinking: I knew she’d find a way to bring it up that damn book somehow). And as for Harry Styles, well yeah we definitely went through the One Direction phase, okay. But we never imagined that these two style kings would ever collide worlds. I couldn’t have agreed more with her statement. 

If you haven’t read the interview between them, you should. And if you need any more convincing, here’s why Timothée and Harry are the iconic duo we’ve been waiting for:


As I mentioned, they are kings of style. And they both know how to turn heads in a floral suit.

What more must I say?


They have The Hair.

I guarantee they both won the “Best Hair” award in their high school yearbooks (or they really should’ve). Their hair is as iconic as them, and they know how to make long curly locks somehow look soft yet masculine. They are the only men I’ll give a pass to for wearing a man bun.


They both starred in incredible period films that captured hearts and minds.

Don’t think for a second that I’m saying that Timothée and Harry are comparable actors (sorry Harry). But both caught the world’s attention by taking on unexpected roles that they pursued out of a passion and respect for the art of film and telling a story with truth. Timothée moved audiences in Call Me By Your Name with his raw and emotive performance as a boy falling in love for the first time that radiated with authenticity. Harry chose to take on a daring role in Dunkirk withstanding harsh weather and realistic war scenes to reenact one of the most famous military operations of all time. Neither of them exactly took the expected route, and it paid off. 


They are both redefining what it means to be masculine.

Not only do they wear floral and velvet suits and beautiful flowing hair with confidence, but these two know how to embrace the emotional, thoughtful, and sensitive sides of their personalities. In their interview together, they bond over their shared habit of journaling and their love for their parents, and they talk with sincerity about gratitude and appreciating the moment. They both know how to present themselves with an unabashed softness and vulnerability that I admire. Take notes guys! 


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