Why “Thank U, Next” Is the 2018 Self-Love Anthem

The first time I hear “Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande while I was scrolling through Instagram, my first reaction was, “Oh, this sounds pretty catchy.” Then, I got to listen to the full song and fell in love. She wrote the song beautifully, and I could not help but listen to the song on repeat. This song is about her exes — even though the breakups was not the most wonderful experience she ever had, it has taught her a whole lot, and she is grateful for that. To me, this song has a layer of meanings, but, especially it speaks to me about how you should love yourself no matter what happen in your life. The people and situations that you have faced in the past taught you well and has shaped the way you are, and now, you know better, so, do better in the future. 





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As to say, Ariana Grande has been through a lot, and it is beautiful how she could turn the “lemon” in life to “sweet lemonade” through a song. According to her Instagram, with “Thank U, Next” Ariana Grande has the global (8.19M) and US (4.19M) Spotify record for the biggest single day for a female artist in Spotify history.




thank u ....... 🖤✍🏼

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I think this song does not only apply to a healthy breakup song too. It can refer to other real-life experience such as how you should always stand up again after you fall. Rather than dwelling on how suck you are and your life is at that time when you’re feeling down, why don’t we all see them as it is and learn from it?

The song reminds me to never give up and surrender in life even when we are in the lowest point of our life. Maybe you have not done so well in a class, there is nothing you can do but work your ass off next time. Or perhaps you have friends that are toxic, then give yourself a favor and make new friends. The chances are high to find better friends if you keep meeting new people and socializing, maybe you could meet people that are more real than your previous social circle. Or perhaps your partner is abusive, then you should leave because of you know that you deserve better than that. 

It is not searching for something better, but, realizing that it is life and that sometimes you don’t have control over it. So, relax and let it be. The past situations serve as a learning experience and do anything that you can do to make you feel better. Whether it is doing something you love or doing something better in your life, it is always better than locking yourself up in a room and listening to sad songs. The only thing we have to do is not to stop or give up  because it will result to nothing. Like when you think of something big but you don’t actually do something about it then it will result to nothing just the same as when you multiply a significant number to zero, it will produce the number zero. It is breathtaking how much power you have to make yourself feel better, and that starts when you choose not to give up. Just like Ariana said, "Thank U, Next."