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Why I Love Lady Gaga (and You Should Too)

Stefani Germanotta is a singer, actor, songwriter, dancer, and one of the greatest musicians of our generation. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, you probably know her better as Lady Gaga, a one-woman firebrand who makes her own rules to the game and doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you know that she headlined Super Bowl LI looking fierce as hell. 

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What makes Lady Gaga so great is that she’s one of the most honest celebrities out there. She says what she thinks, no matter the consequence. Behind all the glamour and the makeup and the crazy outfits, there’s a real human being with real emotions. And in our current political climate, where so many people have stopped being truthful, where so many others are hiding behind fake personas, Lady Gaga is a welcome breath of fresh air. 

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Despite being a six-time Grammy winner before the age of 30, Gaga is honestly just like the rest of us. She participated in the recent womens’ marches because it’s a cause she genuinely cares about, just like any other woman. She takes cute, imperfect selfies in bed and posts them online, just like the rest of us. She even buys food for her fans, whom she considers her closest friends.

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Indeed, her bond with her Little Monsters is amazing because she truly cares about the millions of people on earth who love her and her music. She even has a website dedicated to her fans — LittleMonsters.com is a place for Gaga fans to make friends and become one big happy family. Furthermore, the Lady’s list of philanthropic endeavors can go about a mile long, but her Born this Way foundation has raised millions of dollars to empower young people and show them a better world. She created this foundation with her mother, which shows how much Gaga values her famiily and her friends. 

The amount of love and hope in Gaga’s heart is definitely something the world needs right now. Keep doing you, Gaga, and show the world that you’re more than just a performer slaying the Super Bowl halftime show; you’re a source of inspiration for women everywhere. 

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