Why I Don't Believe In Giving Second Chances

The perfect relationship doesn’t exist. A relationship between two flawed people is bound to have its lows.

But sometimes the lows are so low, sooooo low, your heart aches.

In pain. In anger. In confusion.

The lows are so low you’re ready to give up—even though you’re the type of girl that never quits.

The lows are so low you dream of what your life would be like if the relationship ended even though at one point you believed the end would only come if death interfered.

The lows are so low it destroys you inside. 


But of course, with every low, comes a high. So you stay.

Even though every fiber in your body screams at you to leave, you stay.

You stay.


Even though you know that that same low will creep up on both of you again in your next argument 

You stay.

Isn’t it so silly that one flawed person can mean so much more to you than your own health?

Isn’t so silly that you give your absolute all, just so that one flawed person can overlook it and make you feel like it isn’t enough?

You deserve more.

You deserve acknowledgement, you deserve love. 


You deserve the purest, most fulfilling form of love.


He can’t give that to you.

So, why do you stay?  

What makes him better than the other flawed people in this world?

You can’t and never will be able to turn dirt into diamonds.

So leave. Walk out. End it.

The perfect relationship doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find better.

You can. 


The saying doesn’t go “Dirt Is A Girl’s Best Friend,” diamonds are. Go get yours.