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Why Harvey Weinsten’s Guilty Verdict Is So Important and What It Means For The #MeToo Movement

Earlier this Monday – after 5 days of deliberation – a jury found Harvey Weinstein guilty of sexual assault and rape of two women. At many points of the trial, it seemed that nothing much had changed after cultural movements like #MeToo, and another powerful white man was going to get away with sexual violence. After all, Weinstein remained unscathed by his behavior of sexual misconduct for three decades by abusing his power and frightening women into silence – and statistics show that out of 1000 cases of sexual assault, 995 perpetrators will walk free.

But we are in a new era – an era where more and more women are coming forward about their stories of sexual violence, and there is less and less tolerance for sexual predators like Weinstein. His conviction is an important milestone in the #MeToo movement, and is another step forward to a world where men like Weinstein can’t get away with violence, and where women are heard and taken seriously when they speak out. Here are some more reasons why Weinstein’s conviction is such a momentous occasion, and is considered a turning point for justice:


His conviction will be a relief for all his assault survivors. 

Harvey Weinstein’s conviction would not have been possible without courageous women. Over 80 women have come forward against Harvey Weinstein and his conviction will be a relief for all his assault survivors. There is no amount of justice for the pain and trauma he caused his victims, but there is justice to knowing that he is held accountable and locked away for all he has done. 


Weinstein’s conviction gave us all a renewed sense of faith in our criminal justice system. 

The fact that the jury trusted voted against Weinstein and trusted the testimonies of the women marks a new era of justice. During the trials, Weinstein’s defense team made the argument that the alleged victims willingly went to his hotel room, and still kept in contact with him, even after the incidents of assault. The jury saw past this defense, which proves that they are understanding that there are nuances to gender violence relationships, and that victims of sexual violence don’t necessarily behave in ways that society might expect victims to behave. The jury’s verdict proves that our justice system is changing to become a better representation of our nation’s culture and belief.


‪These women have been through Hell and then relived it. They’ve told their truth despite having their credibility questioned. They’ve endured the vitriol of #victimblamers and perpetuation of #rapemyths that taunt #Survivors who speak out and those who remain silent. But their bravery is inspiring. Their voices are heard. Their pursuit of #justice will never be in vain. To these women, thank you. #AnnabellaSciorra #JessicaMann #MimiHaleyi #DawnDunning #TaraleWulff #LaurenYoung ———————————————————#SilenceBreakers #HarveyWeinstein #HarveyWeinsteinTrial @TIMESUPNOW #WeinsteinTrial #survivors‬ #Metoo #TimesUp #timesupnow #silencebreaker #nolongersilent #HireSurvivorsHollywood #HireSurvivors #HarveyWeinsteintrial #weinsteintrial #HarveyWeinstein #believesurvivors @_nolongersilent #thankyousilencebreakers #WeinsteinTrial #nolongersilent #brave #courage

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More women are coming forward because they have faith that they will be believed.

In this new landscape of justice, more and more women will come forward with their stories of assault, and the culture of remaining silence will slowly cease to  be. The #MeToo movement was such a landmark because it inspired so many women to speak out against their perpetrators, and Weinstein’s conviction has the power to do the same. After witnessing his fall from grace, survivors of sexual assault will have the strength to come forward, and know that they will be trusted and supported, rather than shamed and ignored. 


Even the most powerful abuser can be brought down and held accountable for their actions.

Harvey Weinstein is just one of the examples of the many cases of institutionalized sexism that is present in our current day society. For three decades, Weinstein went nearly untouched because he used his power to silence women. As dangerous and predatorial Weinstein is, he is not the one out there using their power to justify violence towards women. Weinstein finally being held accountable for his wrongdoings will show predators that power is not an excuse for sexual assault – and that a woman’s life is more valuable than the size of a man’s wallet.

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