What You Need to Know About Sexting

Sexting, according to Dictionary.com, is “the sending of a sexually-explicit digital image, video, text message, or email, typically a photo of oneself, usually by cell phone.” In a more simplistic explanation, it’s a way to get someone horny through the phone. It is, after all, the combination of “sex” and “texting”.


Although it occurs mostly among young teenagers, it is something many young adults explore in college and during adulthood. It’s exciting. It’s flirty. It’s a beautiful tool that can be used to connect and explore one’s sexuality, but it has its fair share of pros and cons. 



  1. You can get sexually aroused and attain satisfaction without the actual physical act. It’s like sex, but without the physical contact and it’s a fun, flirty exchange without the pressure of performing well. It’s all the pleasure, fun, and suspense—all through technology! You simply just need to type, take a pic, or send a video. 

  2. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s the perfect way to connect to your significant other and provide a bit of intimacy. A bit cheaper than hopping on that plane or driving those few hours, it’s a nice filler until you’re able to see your loved one in person. Not only that, but it’s a fun way to get a bit goofy and playful. Keep the relationship alive and flirty, that’s how it should be.

  3. As mentioned before, it is a way to explore your sexuality. In today’s realm, discussing sexuality, kinks, or anything sexual is seen as embarrassing or taboo. (And yet, here I am writing about sexting.) Sexting is a way to figure out your interests and sexuality without actually talking. Instead, you’re just typing through a screen. You can explore a submissive or dominant side and see if you’re into something or not. It’s a safer way of exploration without actually exploring. 



  1. It’s all about trust. Remember that whatever you’re sending—whether it be photos, videos, or even just a couple of words—is going to be out there and someone will have it. If you are not 100% sure they are reliable, don’t send them anything. Your goods are yours and do not belong to anyone else. When sending anything to anyone, you should be emotionally and psychologically prepared that someone else will have seen the content or will have access to it.

  2. Sexting can be seen as sexual harassment. If one does not consent to be sent explicit photos or texts, then the usually flirty nature of sexting just turned into a creepy, inappropriate exchange. Remember that consent is key. Sometimes, someone doesn’t wanna see that junk in your trunk.

  3. It is an easy tool for blackmail. When put in the wrong hands, that one photo may just be the thing that ruins you. To prevent this from happening, make sure you know who you’re sending the picture to and if you absolutely trust them.


Overall, sexting is a fun way to try out new things. It’s an adventure, and a fun one of that. However, there are always risks and it’s best to know them before diving in too deep. Just remember that while it may be all fun and games, you might end up hurt if you’re not too careful. Be safe. Be outgoing. Be flirtatious. And please, PLEASE, be safe.