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Which Starbucks Drink Describes Your Study Session

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.

During my freshman year at the University of Washington, I think I spent more time collectively in my on-campus Starbucks than in my dorm. The Suzzallo Library Starbucks has seen it all: the laughs I shared with my friends, the tears when I failed a chemistry exam, and the hours of sitting and typing away at my computer. College is truly the time in life when you can get Starbucks three times a day and no one blinks. I’ve gone through phases of different drinks that I’ve loved, but these are the ones that describe most of the study sessions I’ve had at UW. Here’s my Starbucks study session scale: from only having to watch a video, to ‘oh wait, the exam is tomorrow.’

Pink Drink

Are you even working? I bet you are spending at least half the time gossiping with your friends or predicting when Taylor Swift will release her first single off of Midnights. Outside it’s a sunny day and you and your friends will soon ditch school work and head to Lake Washington. It’s definitely a Saturday, which means you can tell yourself you have a whole other day to finish your study session.

Iced Caramel Macchiato

The all time classic that can get you focused fast. You’ve probably done most of your homework earlier this week and are now coasting towards Friday. It’s a solo study session filled with a lot of TikTok breaks since you don’t feel stressed.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

It’s fall, the Gilmore Girls soundtrack is on, and you’re definitely writing an essay. I bet you have been sitting there for at least thirty minutes with a blank document and clicker blinking. But fear not, once the right song plays, a burst of inspiration will allow you to get started. That essay will be done in no time.

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew 

You obviously just grabbed this on the way out of class and are headed back to your dorm or apartment to study. A quiz is tomorrow and you still have five more chapters to cover. You feel the stress as your class groupchat is filled with people asking questions. But you’re ready to go with that extra boost of caffeine confidence. 

Chai Tea Latte

You are here to get that 4.0. An exemplary student, you’re gonna finish all your homework for the weekend in one singular sitting. It’s time to write down every class assignment due that week and cross it off the list. You are determined to get ahead and not submit anything last minute. 

Iced Caffè Mocha

It’s the worst case scenario. You haven’t finished all your assignments and have an exam tomorrow in your most important class. You’re so exhausted, Starbucks is closing, and it’s time to get another drink and head to the library until they kick you out. This drink will guarantee that you can study late into the night. 

No matter how stressed you really are there’s always one place that can help you focus, the Suzzallo Starbucks. There’s a reason why the Suzzallo Starbucks is one of many students’ favorite places on campus. It’s even ranked in ‘12 Starbucks college stores that are top of the class’ for being one of the best college campus Starbucks. With Suzzallo’s 2.5 million annual visitors every year, there is bound to be a reason why so many people stop and visit. Drawing from across the country and worldwide, the library is a tourist attraction while simultaneously being a study space. Whatever study session you are having, a Starbucks drink can help give you that little bit of motivation that can get you through your school work.

Elizabeth Williams

Washington '25

Elizabeth Williams is one of the Campus Correspondents for University of Washington’s Her Campus chapter. As a freshman she was a Writer, followed by being a Corresponding Editor for a year. In her hometown of Wilton, Connecticut she developed her love of writing in high school. Now as a junior at the University of Washington, she is pursuing a double major in Journalism and Psychology. Through her journalism classes she has covered a variety of topics about the environment, social media, and on-campus events. For Her Campus, she mainly writes about music, fashion, and college advice. She also just recently returned to campus from studying abroad in London! In her free time she loves reading (she read 25 books last year), doing hot yoga, and spending time with her roommates. If she’s not writing you can probably find her getting coffee or at a concert, most likely at Harry Styles’ Love on Tour or at Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour. If you have read some of her articles, you can probably tell that her greatest achievements are getting tickets to concerts (a certified skill) and predicting the outcome of reality tv shows.