What to NEVER Wear to a Wedding!!!

1. A White Dress

Wearing a white dress to a wedding is an absolute dress you HAVE to avoid at all costs. Why would you even want to wear a dress that will make every other person in the room glare at you? The bride should be the only women wearing white at the event.

2.  A Tight Dress (that shows all your curves and butt)

You might want to wear this at a club or a party but definitely not at a wedding. You all know that there are parents and grandparents who are not so flexible with teenagers wearing revealing clothes!

3. Wild, Fancy Clothing

The main character of the wedding is the Bride and the Groom! You need to look nice, but you should not turn everyone's gaze towards you by wearing a crazy leopard print dress with feathers.

4. Jeans

You can't be too fancy but you can't be too scrubby either! Wearing jeans does not mean being a "srcub" but at a wedding? Of course it is! Jeans are a bit too casual for a wedding.

5. Solid Colors

If you not the brides maid, you might want to avoid wearing solid colors because if there is a possibility of you matching with the bridesmaid, you might get paranoid by people asking you if you're in the bridal party.

There are a lot of DON'Ts but here are a couple do's!