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What I Think Your Favorite Romantic Book Trope Says About You

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.

1. FrIEnds-to-Lovers

Friends-to-lovers is very straightforward. The main characters start off as friends and grow to acknowledge their romantic relationship. If you love this trope, you probably did not grow up with a friend that everyone thought you were dating. Rather, you became friends with those you have romantic intentions towards hoping it would foster into more. Or maybe you are currently crushing on your best friend from childhood? Either way, you tend to overanalyze interactions with friends and are willing to play the long game to get what you want.

2. Second chance romance

Who hurt you and why do you still want them back? Second chance romance revolves around the characters trying to have a “second chance” at their romance. While this trope is perfect for you who are still in love with your ex, it could also be that you want to feel like someone worth fighting for. If this trope is your favorite, you probably like the idea of someone groveling and working hard to make the relationship work for you. Alternatively (or additionally?), maybe you were hurt in the past and you want closure. You long to understand the ins and outs of why your relationships do, or do not, turn out positively. Ultimately, you still believe that people can change and hold on to hope that not all endings are permanent. 

3. Fake dating

If fake dating is your favorite trope, you most likely want to skip those awkward first dates and initial “will they won’t they” of a relationship. You like to dive into things head first and feel reassured that even if you fumble the first date, they are still committed to a second one. Maybe you aren’t your full self on the first date, or maybe you are just too worried about first interactions. Either way, you are everyone’s favorite once warmed up.

4. Soulmates

When this trope occurs, the main characters are undeniably connected. I am not talking about soulmates in a figurative sense. I mean the author created some amazing fantastical world where there are people predetermined to be together. You probably have commitment issues. You want someone to be forever attached to you. You don’t want to have that fear of not being good enough or worrying if you are too different. You are literally made for each other. You might even be a little possessive. All in all, you just want to love someone without any doubts. 

5. Forbidden (Or Secret) love

Forbidden and/or secret love revolve completely around keeping the relationship hidden, sometimes because of the lack of support. Maybe you feel like the relationships in your life are somewhat forbidden and like the reassurance that in the end everything will work out. But, most likely, you are a thrill seeker. You like the rush of falling in love with someone and having it be so powerful that no one and nothing can restrict it. Perhaps, you are a bit of a troublemaker? Or you like to see how far you can push the boundaries? Regardless, you like the idea that your love can just revolve around you both and that’s perfectly fine. 

6. Love triangle

This is usually when there are multiple love interests and the main character decides (or doesn’t?) in the end who they want to be with. If you like this trope, you are either highly comfortable with being indecisive or you like the idea of multiple being in love with you. Either way, I admire your confidence (own it!).

7. enemies-to-lovers

Enemies-to-lovers requires lots of tension. The line between love and hate is a lot thinner than we expect. If you like this trope, your flirting style probably borders on bullying. You like banter or play-fighting and long for the tension in a relationship. You never want things to get boring. You also have a sensitive side though… if this trope speaks to you, you most likely long for someone to love you despite your faults. You want someone to look at the worst sides of you and decide that you are still perfect. 

8. Forced proximity

For this trope, the characters are unwillingly made to spend a lot of time together. Whether they are roommates or colleagues, they have to spend time together and end up learning about one another (and falling in love, obviously). If this is your favorite trope, your love language is probably quality time. Similar to fake dating, you might be worried about how you come off to people, or maybe it just takes longer to get to know all the best parts of someone. You want someone to stick around long enough to know and love your most authentic self. 

9. Grumpy/sunshine

One is grumpy: closed off, maybe a little cold. The other is sunshine: bubbly, sweet, perhaps too kind. If this trope is your favorite, you have probably felt like the sunshine for too long. You want someone to get to know you as more than just bubbly and kind. You’re hoping to find someone that you don’t have to fake a smile for but also someone that challenges you to make them laugh. You may have been told more than once that you are “too loud”or “too happy” but you’ll find your person who loves that about you. You may always feel like you have to be that sunshine person, but one day your grump will come along and help you realize you don’t need to be happy all the time to be loved!

Ella Cuneo

Washington '26

Ella is a first year hoping to study psychology and communications at the University of Washington. When she doesn't have her nose in a book, Ella loves to listen to music, create and hangout with friends!