What Can You Do to Keep Big Money Out of Politics?

Seattle is in danger. Since 2013, Amazon’s donations to Seattle elections have totaled over $850,000. Big businesses such as Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, and Starbucks are some companies that have incentive to hold significant influence over the government and have accumulated disproportionate amounts of power through monetary contributions to campaigns. It is vital that we become active participants in the democracy to sustain its wellbeing.

One way in which you can prevent the complete control of Seattle by these mega-corporations and keep the future of Seattle in our hands is by submitting your democracy vouchers!

If you are an eligible Seattle voter you may have gotten one of these in the mail but for those of you who don’t know, they are vouchers worth $25 each that you may use to support participating Seattle City Council candidates. You will get 4 vouchers totaling $100 and it is all paid for by the property tax which means you have absolutely nothing to lose from exercising this special power you have.

This program encourages more meaningful connections between the community and the candidate. In 2017 (the first year of the program), Seattle residents contributing to local campaigns increased 300%. Candidates who participate in this program are prohibited from accepting private donations greater than $100, so they need your help more than ever; you do not want an Amazon-funded candidate in your local government.

You are eligible if you are a lawful US resident (you do not have to be a citizen) at least 18 years old and has lived in Seattle for 30+ days.

Apply now or redeem your vouchers through seattle.gov/democracyvoucher