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Ways of Celebrating Halloween Throughout October

The month of October holds a variety of possibilities for celebrating Halloween, from cute decorations to pumpkin-flavored drinks, to frightening adventures. Whether you enjoy Halloween’s cute or scary aspects, there’s something for everyone! Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate Halloween in the way most suited for you.


  1. Haunted Houses


For those of you who prefer making Halloween about the spooks, haunted houses are a must! Lucky for you Washingtonians, there are many strewn about the city of Seattle and nearby surrounding areas. Listed are just a few suggestions:


Maris Farms’ Haunted Woods

This location involves a 30-minute walk through a haunted corn maze. With clowns on stilts, chainsaws, and a pitch-black room, consider this place a high scare factor. As with any haunted house though, as the size of your group increases, the scare factor decreases.


Kube 93 Haunted House at the Georgetown Morgue

The haunted house takes place in a morgue, naturally increasing the “creepiness” factor. There are actors with chainsaws, rooms with strobe-lights and frightening scenes. The haunted house takes about 20 minutes and is adrenaline pumping the entire time: this one is not for the faint of heart.


Wild Wave’s Fright Fest

During the summer Wild Waves is a theme park filled with thrilling rides, water slides, and carnival games. Throughout the month of October Wild Waves goes all out with decorations for Halloween. All of the amusement park rides are offered and two haunted houses are added for the season. If the spooky thrills are too much, there’s even a scare-free zone.


  1. Cookie Baking and Scary Movie Watching


If you don’t enjoy the fight or flight response often inflicted by haunted houses, there are plenty of less scary options! Getting a group of friends and baking Halloween themed cookies is a great way to celebrate the cute side of Halloween. If you do feel like stepping up the fright factor, though, try popping in a scary movie. Or, grab a date and use it as an excuse to cuddle up. Here are a couple possibilities:



What better way to celebrate Halloween than to watch a movie that will have you looking over your shoulder all evening long?



Since you knew you weren’t going to get any sleep anyway.


3. Pumpkin Patching and Carving


Another alternative for those who don’t enjoy the thrills and spooks of Halloween, try a trip to the pumpkin patch instead! Many pumpkin patches have extra activities such as a pumpkin cannon, tractor ride, or a corn maze to make the outing more enjoyable. Below are some creative designs you could use to carve your pumpkin.



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