Vine Is Not Dead—Hear Me Out

High school me spent late nights scrolling through my Vine feed. Homework? More like studying Vine. Class? Just waiting for a break so I can check to see which Vines my friends sent me. Sleep? Just time to let my Vine feed refresh. It was a lifestyle.

I’m mostly joking. (Mostly.)

When Vine shut down in three years ago, there was an outcry on social media platforms (mostly Twitter) and we all felt it in our souls. What would we do without our daily dose of six-second comedy? 

Perhaps the shutdown of Vine made our favorite videos all the more important—not being able to add more media to the platform immortalized the best of the app. 

It has been around three years since the shutdown and I still happily encounter Vines on Twitter. The college crowd is always referencing famous six-second liners. Some people are even remaking the best of the best. So is...Vine really dead? Really?

The answer is no. Simply type the most distinct line of your favorite Vine into the search bar on YouTube and enjoy. If you want a forever memory of the sensational app, buy the Milk and Vine book on Amazon (and don't forget Milk and Vine II). There’s even a Vine coloring book (amazing). Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook all have a plethora of “Best of” Vine accounts that have compiled our favorites. And don’t worry, some of your favorite Viners have moved to Snapchat or YouTube. 

In a time where my life is mostly spent doing homework, sleep, and feeding myself (in that order) a good ol’ Vine reference really turns my day around.

Whether you are a Vine conuisseur or a Viner newcomer if you need some laughs, look no further:

Do I look like?

Zach Piona, I love you

Ahhhh, stop...

The confidence boost we all needed

This winter a fellow student got hit by a snowball and immediately quoted this vine and it was amazing

Me too, girl

You bet I reference this one on a daily basis

If you don't know this one, I don't know what to tell you

And finally...