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Valentine’s Gift Guide For Your Bae

Happy February! The month of Aquariuses (Aquari-i?), hearts, teddy bears, and Walmart looking like Cupid threw up in its aisles. With Valentine's Day coming up in just two weeks, it's about time to start thinking about what to get for your bae.

Let's not be bae-sic (haha get it) this Valentine's and give your significant other a box of chocolates or a gold watch. Instead, show them how creative you can get and buy or make something really unique!

This will be our gift to you: here are some cute gift ideas to make this Valentine's a special one!


1. Heart Shaped Cast Iron Oven/Skillet

Bake some goodies for your bae with a cute heart-shaped oven or skillet! No need to go to The Ram or BJ's for a pizookie — make your very own! I tried this once using Nestle Toll House cookie dough (because I'm v lazy and didn't want to make my own) and Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream Ice Cream. It's a super cute dessert to eat while you guys watch Netflix and snuggle. Get your own own here.

Or if you prefer the skillet, it's only $9 at Target right now!

2. Heart Umbrella

It's winter in Seattle, which means it's also the season for grey skies and rainy days. While we can't wish the rain to go away and come again another day (because it comes every day anyway), we can look on the bright side of things—even without the sun! Stroll Seattle with your cutie under this heart umbrella. Everyone will be so jealous.


3. Long Distance Pillow

Sadly, not all of us can be with our loved ones this Valentine's Day. Get them a cute gift to show that you're always thinking about them, like a long distance pillow! There are other variations to this, such as mugs and frames that you can find, too.


4. Bathtub Caddy

Who hasn't imagined themselves in a bathtub of bubbles, their hair in a bun, candles lit, and relaxing with a book and wine? I know I have, every single day since midterm season started. Get your Valentine (or yourself, to be honest) a bathtub caddy to help them with this dream! Or it can be used as a bathtub date night table for you both.


5. Truman Set

Five German blades. Flex hinge. Precision trimmer. This set allows for a close shave with an increase in control and comes with a rich foam. Get this set for your man, and technically for yourself too.


6. Wireless Earbuds

I remember when Apple came out with their wireless earbuds, I was so shook and thought that no one would ever use them. I mean, hello, we're college students that lose our huge textbooks, what makes them think that we're going to buy tiny earbuds that are super easy to misplace? I was wrong, because now I live for wireless earbuds. These are amazing for exercising and just makes your life easier.


7. Handmade Preserved Rose

Make your bae feel like Beauty (or the Beast) with this cute handmade preserved rose! It is perfectly preserved, which means it'll last up to three years, and maybe your love will last forever.


8. Date Night Bucket List

Are you that indecisive couple that can't even decide where to eat for dinner so you just end up ordering pizza and watching Netflix at home on date night? Because same. There's no shame in that, but to make your lives easier, get a date night bucket list! It's a jar of popsicle sticks with date night ideas. If you're ever feeling indecisive, just pick one blindly from the jar and there you have it! Now go enjoy your date night with no stress.


9. Heart Snapshot Mix



Celebrate all the memories that you guys have captured by printing them out and putting them into the shape of a heart and then framing them just to be extra like that.


10. Fondue For Two

Yep, just like Brittany's show with her cat from Glee. Just kidding. But why drive to The Melting Pot when you can make your own fondue in the comfort of your own home? Have a sweet date night at home this Valentine's Day with home made food and fondue to top it off.


11. Private Training Packages

Get your bae the gift of their dreams a private training package! You could even split the class with them.


12. What I Love About You

This is my personal favorite: a What I Love About You book! Order this from places like Uncommon Goods or Amazon. It comes blank with phrases for you to fill in! This is a super personal gift that really shows your bae how you feel about them and will make them feel really special. You can finish the phrases with heartfelt memories or sarcastic jokes that really emphasize your relationship and how amazing it is.


13. A Quirky Bouquet

What's Valentine's Day without a bouquet? But it's 2018! Flower bouquets are so last century. Get your bae a bouquet of chicken nuggets or donuts to really show them how much you love them and their love of food.


Don't procrastinate and wait until the last minute to get your gifts for your loved ones—you've got all these ideas already!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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