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Using the internet to your advantage!

If there’s one thing I love, it’s web tools to make me not such a bad student. I’m sure you could tell by my post a
few weeks ago about TrackClass, no?
College Candy, I feel, is finally on my level! They recently published a list of The 10 Sites That Will Get You an A in School and oh boy I believe it will!
My favorite is probably RescueTime. Basically a site that monitors your activity (which sites you go on, etc.) and lets you know when you’re wasting time on Facebook instead of writing your final paper or something.
Good luck on midterms, ladies!

Avalon is in her second year at the University of Washington, and currently pursuing a BA in Global Studies. When she's not in class, Avalon works at UWB's Learning Technologies center as a student assistant. She enjoys making lists, eating delicious food, watching movies, and crafting. Avalon's favorite town is probably Cabo San Lucas.
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