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Do you ever feel completely stuck when trying to shop for the most important people in your life? Do you start analyzing every possible gift, thinking: “would they use this?”; “will they like this?”; “do they even enjoy this anymore?”? This gift guide has a gift for everyone that you may have on your list!  

For Mom: Personally, it has always been extremely challenging to pick out something for my Mom. She is a no-frills type of lady who is usually more angry than happy if my brothers or I buy her anything (she wants us to ultimately save our money). That being said, it is usually very hard to shop for her. After a great deal of thought, I was able to come up with a few gift ideas that she would love. Here are some things my mom (and hopefully your mom) will appreciate and find useful:

For Dad:

For many people, their dad is the hardest family member to shop for. We want to impress our dads and get him something that pertains to his various hobbies. Something useful! My dad loves drinking dark roast coffee, listening to podcasts/audiobooks, taking care of his plants, and pretty much anything that relates to his beloved cars. Here are a few gift ideas for dads everywhere:

For Grandma: Grandmas are one of the most important people (if not the most important person) in our lives. They are the most proud of us and have always showered us with love since we were young. While I’ve been alive, my grandma has loved gardening, eating healthy food, and always has cold feet. Here are some gift ideas that I’m sure most grandmothers would appreciate:

For Grandpa: Grandfathers are simultaneously the most serious and the most fun members of our family. One of my grandfathers loved to do crosswords and watch National Geographic, while the other loved the great outdoors and simply loved being around family. Both of my grandpas passed away when I was younger, and I don’t have any grandpas anymore. However, if I did, this is what I would get them:

For Brother: Brothers are a great source of entertainment in most of our lives. Both of my brothers tend to geek out over chess sets, rubik’s cubes, and pretty much any non-video game that provides a challenge. They also love food, which I feel is characteristic of most of our brothers. Here are a few gift ideas that any brother is sure to love:

  • Virtual reality headset
  • Gift card to his favourite restaurant
  • Rubik’s cube
  • Chain necklace
  • Gym membership

For Sister: Sisters are always one of the easiest people to shop for…there are an endless amount of accessories and little things that may improve her daily life. Even if you know she’d love a new sweater or jeans, but aren’t sure of her size or fashion preferences, there are a variety of useful accessories you can look into! As a sister to two brothers, I completely endorse the following gift ideas:

For Significant Other: It often seems that our significant other is the easiest person to shop for at Christmastime. We know each other the best and always spot items that the other will enjoy. The gift ideas for your partner are endless, and you could get them anything relating to their hobbies to a trinket that represents an inside joke. Here are a few (more general) ideas:

For Pet: Whether you have a cat, dog, hamster, or any other animal in the house, this sustainable pet-toy store is perfect! Earth Hero is a company that uses Earth-friendly products/uses zero plastic, and who is ethically sourced/pays their factory employees a fair wage. I highly recommend the wool pet toy balls.

Hopefully you found this gift guide to be helpful and feel slightly less stressed throughout the process! After all, it’s not about the gifts you give or receive, but the quality time you spend with your loved ones. Here’s wishing you the best of everything regardless of what you are celebrating together. ♡
Mercy Johnson

Washington '23

Mercy is a second-year physiology major at the University of Washington who hopes to become a physician someday. She enjoys journalism, ethics, and anthropology courses. In her spare time, she loves to run, ski, hike, slackline, garden, travel, and read. She is also a devoted coffee connoisseur!
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