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This Twitter User Perfectly Captured the Importance of Diversity in the Media

Tilda Swinton played an Asian man. Jeffrey Tambour played a transgender woman. Scarlett Johansson alone has had more opportunities for diverse casting than any actor who fits the roles. Clearly, Hollywood has a bit of a problem casting LGBTQ actors and actors of color. Some argue this discrepancy is simply the essence of the industry. Isn’t acting all about portraying someone unlike yourself? However, the failure to represent our diverse world pervades media of all forms. 

Recently, Twitter user @FightinCowboy examined the topic of diversity in video games. In response to some gaming enthusiasts’ apprehension towards atypical protagonists, the Twitter user broke down the simplicity of the argument in a thread of tweets

 As we continue to push for diverse representation, just movies and tv shows aren’t enough. All forms of media should be inclusive, from comic books to, yes, video games.

Alyssa Zadra

Washington '22

Alyssa is a first year student at the University of Washington.
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