Top 10 Movies to Watch When Stoned

As someone who has been trying to get creative about how to entertain myself during this quarantine, I have personally researched and cultivated this list. The main criteria that was used for this list was not necessarily the genre of the movie (or else I’d be listing all the classic stoner flicks), but instead the flow of the plotline and character progression is what dictated the rankings. Without further ado, here are the greatest movies that will serve as an insane experience when you watch them high.  

Also, an important disclaimer that you should only purchase and consume marijuana products if you are over the age of twenty one!

10. The Big Lebowski

This movie over the years has garnered a cult following as it follows the ‘dude’ (beautifully played by Jeff Bridges) who embarks on a strenuous journey to solve a suspicious kidnapping. Accompanied by his unhinged friend/bowling partner Walter, Jeff Bridges embodies all our stoner tendencies making him the most relatable and hilarious character.

9. Limitless

As a down on his luck writer, Bradley Cooper decides to take a pill (not made clear what this is) to help him access a 100% of his brain. This allows him to finish writing his book in a matter of days and in general get his entire life in order, and watching this high makes the transformation all the more satisfying. Although there is plenty more that unfolds, I generally recommend this film because who wouldn’t want to unlock all their potential strengths and pull a total 180 on their life – makes you think. 

8. How High

I couldn’t really make a whole list of movies to watch high without a single stoner flick – and this is a classic. Although absolutely ripped apart by critics upon its release, with a whopping 26% on rotten tomatoes, Redman and Method Man charismatically take the viewers on a journey through the foreign, and at times bizarre, world of the ivy leagues. Two pot heads who decide to smoke a new strain right before taking their college entrance exam, end up with perfect scores and direct admission to Harvard. It’s really just cheap laughs!

7. American Beauty

A dark drama combined with sharp humor, this coming-of-age flick delves deep into the psyche of a middle-aged suburban man coming to terms with his dull and uninteresting life. Although, starring the now disgraced actor, Kevin Spacey, the film boasts a lot of stunning visuals that capture the major themes at the core of the film. Watching this stoned will essentially elevate the experience all the more. 

6. Scary Movie

I would have put this movie as the number one movie to watch on this list, if it weren’t for the exceptional directorial talent that is up ahead. Nonetheless, Scary Movie is one of my favorite movies ever because it never disappoints when I’m in the mood for some howling, belly laughs. The all-star cast delivers as the film pushes its bounds on how grotesque the humor can get, so essentially another one for cheap laughs. 

5. Pulp Fiction

This film, to me, evokes a sense of nostalgia as it truly captures the essence of 90’s cinema. Not that I was old enough to remember the decade, I feel as though this classic sheds light on the underbelly of LA during that time. Not to mention, Quentin Tarantino’s outrageous violence will have your dopey eyes glued to the screen. Last, the non-linear plot is the ultimate task to keep up with when stoned.

4. Fight Club

Although a widely misinterpreted film, Fight Club is about mental health. Starring Edward Norton, who is battling chronic depression, the movie is an exciting ride through the narrator’s eyes. Not to mention, Brad Pitt is just a hoot! This movie is elevated while high because the fast-paced plot on top of the major plot twist towards the end, has you hooked throughout trying to make sense of it.

3. Django Unchained

This is probably my favorite film by Quentin Tarantino. A refreshing and gripping take on the Western movie genre, Django Unchained follows the journey of Dr. King Schultz and a former slave Django. Packed with an all-star cast and exceptional costume and design, Jamie Fox and Christoph Waltz are a dynamic duo. My inebriated self was deeply and emotionally invested in this love story. Oh, and the epic closing scene of pure bloodshed makes for awesome cinema.

2. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Will Ferell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, David Koechner are the faces of this comedic masterpiece so dare I say much else to justify the comedic chops of this film. I first watched this movie years ago and absolutely loved it, but then I watched it high and I just can’t go back. I think the reason that this movie is number two on this list is the way the lines are delivered throughout. Delivered with a straight tone, with almost a sense of realism, the stoned viewer is left baffled as to how anyone can seriously say something so outrageous. Set in the 70s, Anchorman perfectly mocks societal norms as well as the dominant in-group: the cisgender, white male.

1. Shutter Island

Having made other iconic feature films like Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, and Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese is the best of the best. I picked Shutter Island to top off this list because it checks off all the boxes: the pacing, the dialogue, the character development, and the engaging plot. A crime thriller, Shutter Island follows Leonardo DiCaprio, a detective who has been given the task of tracking down a dangerous inmate who has escaped from the mental institution located on Shutter Island. Without a dull moment, the movie captures the intrigue and suspense of a crime flick and all the psychological horror of a thriller. I cannot recommend this enough and to top it all off, the plot twist at the end will blow your stoned mind.