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Too Early for Christmas Music? I Disagree.

Okay, okay, I will admit: I am usually the person who complains about people listening to Christmas music too early when November hits (how are we going to neglect Thanksgiving like that?). However, this year I couldn’t resist jamming out to some Christmas tunes in my room the morning of November 1st. Now that November is finally here, it’s socially acceptable (kinda) to listen to Christmas music! Here are some underrated Christmas songs to get you in the holiday spirit:

  1. Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande (her vocals on this song kill me every time)
  2. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Sam Smith (*shivers* *goosebumps appear*)

  3. Mistletoe – Justin Bieber (undeniably should be considered a classic by now)

  4. White Christmas – George Ezra (his voice is like butter and makes me wanna curl up by a fire and never leave)

  5. Winter Wonderland – Jason Mraz (a quirky take on a classic in true Jason Mraz fashion)

  6. Christmas Lights – Coldplay (kinda makes me wanna dance in the snow; just me or…?

  7. Snowman – Sia (we all love a jazzy Christmas love song)

  8. Hoping For Snow – The Vamps (a fun, upbeat Christmas rock song sung by four beautiful British men, what more could you need?)

So, if you’re impatient like me and feel like getting in the Christmas spirit early this year, embrace it and jam out to some of my holiday favorites!


Abby Vincent

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Current sophomore studying Communications and Sales at the University of Washington. Enjoys writing, travel, music, doggos, and eating too much food in one sitting. Follow her socials!- Instagram & Twitter: _abbyvincent_
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