Spring Break 2016 Survival Kit

Vera Bradley ‘Ella’ Tote and Zip ID Case

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As a collegiette, we know you need all the space you can get for spring break! The floral pop print on this large Vera Bradley tote bag will really make you stand out during the season, and the size makes it perfect for traveling or enjoying a picnic out in the sun. It features a top zipper, multiple pockets, and protective metal feet on the bottom.


AZO Cranberry Gummies

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Cranberries are known to help prevent urinary tract infections and maintain a clean urinary system. Take these delicious mixed berry-flavored AZO Cranberry Gummies on the go to flush your urinary tract. Two gummies = one 10 ounce glass of cranberry juice.


TRESemme’ Beauty-full Volume Pre-wash Conditioner and Volume Shampoo

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Using a shampoo AND conditioner during washing can weigh down your hair. That’s why using a pre-wash conditioner before washing makes your hair soft, silky, and bouncy. TRESemme’s pre-wash conditioner uses fiber polishing technology to protect your hair during washing with the shampoo, leaving you with shiny and lightweight locks for the rest of your spring break.


Who: Circle Pay  

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If you’re looking for the one all-encompassing application that allows you to send and receive money, Circle Pay is a must. Circle pay is a social payment app that lets you send and receive money with just an email or phone number. It’s instant, secure, and free. What makes the app even more fun? Well when you share a money message, you can also share photos, emoji and gifs, making sending and receiving money into a much more fun, enjoyable, and social experience. Just snap a pic of your debit card to send money or cash out! Thanks to Circle Pay, asking for money back from your friends can be actually a social experience, instead of an uncomfortable, awkward one.   

Milani Eyeliner

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For the perfect going out look, having the perfect eyeliner is of the utmost importance. The Milani eyeliner with vinyl and shimmer finishes, shades of high-impact purple, turquoise and inky black–this eyeliner is a dazzler. The fine felt tip makes it easy to apply a precise line. And the waterproof formula means it won’t budge until you swipe it off with eye makeup remover.


Brappz Strap

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Having something that functions as a strap slip for a bra, jewelry, and, shoe lace, would be absolutely crazy and incredible! Well, Brappz makes getting dressed a whole lot easier! A fun Brappz strap slips into place with with a multi-functional, or strapless bra, with swimwear, a funky tank top or any shoulder - exposing top! It also can function as a necklace or cute stacking bracelet, and when you’re of need of shoe laces, Brappz strap can function as a shoe lace too!