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Sites, Scenery, and Donuts: A Day in Anacortes

Hey guys, it’s Amelia and Rohini, here to share another amazing local attraction! Continuing our 52 hike challenge, this past weekend we ventured to the Anacortes area in search of a scenic adventure after a tough fall quarter at school. Blessed with a very doable 90 minute drive, we passed the time stopping at Deception Pass, Rosario Beach, Mt. Erie, and La Connor.  

We left home around 7:30 and were eager to arrive at our first destination, Deception Pass. Around 10:00 we finally encountered the iconic Deception Pass Bridge, a beautiful view to reward an early wakeup. (For those who are interested in visiting, remember your Discover Pass, which is required for ALL State parks! We forgot ours, but luckily day passes were available for just $10). We spent our time walking across the bridge and exploring the surrounding hills that led down closer to the water beneath. Walking across the bridge itself provided great views of the surrounding islands and water, but walking down to the northeast side of the bridge provided a great viewpoint to look at the bridge and water up close.

Following the bridge, we drove to Rosario Beach, a quaint and peaceful stop for a relaxing walk. There were picnic tables, surprisingly clean bathrooms (!!!), a dock with great views, and a small beach providing a great stop on our day trip to stretch our legs and take photos.

After Rosario Beach, we drove up Mt. Erie. To get to the top, we decided to drive the 5.0 mile round trip. The views were slightly disappointing as the viewpoints were blocked by dense cloud coverage. However, if you go on a clear day, we highly recommend driving up to the viewpoint and taking in a wonderful panoramic view of the Pass! 

On the way home, we stopped at our final destination, La Connor, for lunch. La Connor is a small town southeast of Anacortes that came highly recommended as a quaint spot to explore. We found a restaurant online—Seeds Bistro—and gave it a try as the menu seemed versatile and had vegetarian and other diverse options.

Upon entering the parking lot, we were immediately met with the smell of fresh donuts… we knew we made a good decision. After an amazing introduction, we couldn’t resist trying their homemade donuts, so we ordered a plate. I do not say this lightly – the donuts, fluffy and light, and covered in blueberry powdered sugar, were absolute perfection. They came with a whipped cream dipping side that complemented the warm donuts perfectly.  

If donuts aren’t your thing, we would also recommend Seeds for its sustainability and excellent service. All the ingredients Seeds uses are sourced locally and sustainably, and the waitresses are well versed in the menu and the ingredients used. When informed about a nut allergy, our waitress took great measures to make sure the meal was safe and comfortable for all of us. All in all, a great stop for lunch. 

After lunch, we headed back towards Seattle, passing Seattle Premium Outlets on the way. If you have the time, it is worth visiting this extensive shopping mall located in Marysville. It has a wide selection of stores and restaurants, and is a great Black Friday stop if you decide to indulge. 

Ultimately, the Anacortes area is a great day trip location because it isn’t that far from the Seattle area and it has a completely different feel from the city and suburbs of the Eastside. Driving through miles of open fields and farmland and finding yourself at the peaceful Deception Pass State Park offers a perfect getaway into coastal San Juan scenery. 

Amelia Nathan

Washington '22

My name is Amelia and I am studying Comparative History of Ideas and Math at the University of Washington. I was born in California but love my home in Washington and when I'm not writing, I love hiking, painting with watercolor and alcohol inks, and watching crime shows!
Rohini Mettu

Washington '22

My name is Rohini Mettu, and I'm a self-taught, aspiring photographer and graphic designer in the Pacific Northwest. I love my hometown of Seattle, but I also love traveling the world and meeting new people! My other hobbies include painting, dancing, and binge watching Friends and the Office :)
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