A Review of the Broadway Musical of Lion King

Music, dance and theater touch our heart in incredible ways. I am grateful that I got the privilege to experience it firsthand at Broadway’s third longest running show in history—the Lion King Musical.

The opening sequence—Circle of Life—stunned the audience in utter delight as the cast portrayed different plants and animals, prancing nimbly and gracefully onto the stage. Gazelles, cheetahs, elephants, rhinos, zebras...I was entranced by how agile and flexible the performers were, leaping from one side to the next while keeping hold of their props. It is a costume-packed show, bombarding our eyes with bold and colorful African tribal prints, hand-beaded corsets, feathered masks and steel hoops. The lions’ headpieces were delicate and jaw-dropping; some of them even incorporated hidden wires to move the masks up-and-down swiftly, creating beautiful architectural elements in the performance. The sets and scenery of the grassy lands, the ravine and the jungle were incredible, full of creativity and clever designs. It brought me to tears, seeing my beloved childhood movie brought to live right in front of my eyes in this miraculous fashion. 

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The main cast stood out in each of their remarkable ways: the bubbly baboon Rafiki who delighted the audience with her humorous gibbers and giddiness, her voice penetrating into the air; the respectful king Mufasa, who gave Simba courage and warmth under the glittery, enchanting starry night; Zazu the sarcastic hornbill bird in the form of a hand puppet, making the audience shriek with laughter. Who could ever forget the villain Scar’s heart-stopping snarls as he prowling desolate lands with his malicious and hilarious pack of yapping hyenas? His growling and husky voice shook deep within me, and I could feel the audience drawn toward his narcissistic and manipulative nature. Then came Simba and Nala, two young lions seeking justice and freedom, with their ringing voices reverberating through the entire theater; and of course the famous duo Timon and Pumbaa, who had everyone doubling over from amusement with their sarcastic comments and vigorous energy.

Rafiki in "Circle of Life" 

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"Can You Feel the Love Tonight" by Simba and Nala 

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Villain Scar "Be Prepared"

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Timon and Pumbaa "Hakuna Matata" 

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Each of the scenes led us to reminisce the original Disney animated movie, bringing a peculiar feeling of being whisked back to childhood times, when real-life worries of the future were miles away from the mind. Several songs were sung in such a heavenly, harmonious fashion that many people were in tears. They also garnered whoops of laughter and appreciation from the audience with the brilliant, vibrant background and effects. The iconic melodies brought beaming smiles and tears of nostalgia, enveloping us in a warm gentle embrace. 

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This, beyond a single doubt, is a gorgeous musical for people from all ages and genders, connecting our hearts with its strong, positive message and its uplifting songs. The two-hour long show allowed me to express my inner feelings—to laugh, cheer, cry, snivel—without any judgement or pressure, and I appreciated every single moment of it. Furthermore, I was exposed to the richness and wonders of African tribal culture: songs, dances, fashion, language...and I fully experienced and appreciated how beautiful that kind of diversity in the world is. 

So, indulge in musicals and theater performances once in a while! They carry us off in an emotional rollercoaster, touching at corners of our hearts that would otherwise rarely be explored. Simba's guilt and regret about his actions, his relationship between his father and friends, the strength to return home and fight against Scar's ruling...They remind us of our core values, whether they are friendship, family happiness, love, genuineness…striking chords deep within us. Undeniably, they make us appreciate and cherish the beauty of art that speaks to our souls in such dynamic ways.

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