Reminders for Bad Days

No one will ever feel like a happy bird all day every day. If they do, they are just that skilled at faking it, or you just see them from the surface. Sometimes, when I feel down, these reminders make me feel better about myself. I know the world is testing you, constantly, but (hopefully) these lovely reminders will make your day a little brighter and life a little better:

1. When someone hurts you

  • "Even if I tell you not to be sad, it won't happen easily. In life, sometimes you will have to cry, but I hope the time you smile is more that's all. Live better because you receive a lot of love from others. Don't just let a nobody makes you feel small. If they don't value you, it doesn't mean that everyone doesn't"

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  • "Think back to those who love you unconditionally. Those who love the real you and accept your flaws. They don't have to be a 10/10, but they can live with it. Be with those who like that. Of course, they are hard to find, and that's why you meet some people who will let you down in life. For you to realize, how much precious those who love you are."

2. When you break up with someone you love 

  • Now, even though it hurts, it just going to hurt now but not tomorrow. Believe me. It will get better with time. Feel those sad days because there is always beautiful days ahead.
  • Don't expect anything from anyone because feelings change.  
  • Never make anyone a rebound and don't go kiss the wrong person just to distract yourself from missing someone.

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3. When you feel alone

  • Everyone in this life is wondering what they are going to do tonight, who are they going to spend their lunch with, and what will they do over the weekend. These fears of being alone are normal, and everyone has these feelings sometimes. 

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4. When life all of the sudden throws lemon water at you

  • You have to learn that some things are out of your control, accept the things that you cannot change and focus on the things you can change

  • You are not hard to love and don't let anyone, or a tiny problem or flaw makes you feel like you are hard to love

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I hope, with these reminders, your heart is at ease knowing that these emotions are mutual. After all, you have to experience the downs to experience the ups. See the sky and the moonlight to remember how tiny you and your problems are. Smile~ happiness is within you.

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