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Reliving Childhood: 5 Fun New Ways!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.

Mix Up Group Hangouts by Revisiting Childhood Games!


As spring quarter is coming to an end, we are all looking for exciting ways to wind down after finals and enjoy the newly emerging summer. If you’re tired of hanging out at the same old college bar or eatery, try reliving some childhood memories with popular games you played as a child. Here are five games from your childhood that are tailored to your age now!


1.Lava Monster

Yes, “the floor is lava!” game. In terms of materials, it is the least high maintenance: find a jungle gym and a group of friends, and you’re ready to go! Chances are, you are all much more coordinated now than when you were five, so this event is bound to be all that more intense.


2.Tea Party/Dress Up

As little girls, I’m sure you all loved this game. You’d put on that adorable frilly dress with a bow in your hair, then set up all your stuffed animals around the floral tea set. The difference now lies in the fact that you have you have friends, instead of inanimate objects, to join you! As a collegiate woman, you can up the class with fancy dresses, heart shaped tea sandwiches and mimosas. Pinkies out!  


3.Capture the Flag

We all know how this one is played, right? Each team has a flag that members from the opposite team attempt to steal and bring back to their side. The game is timeless and only gets more competitive with age. Make the rules more difficult by hiding each flag.



This game was an all-time favorite at sleepovers as a kid! It’s only be doing the game justice to revive the silly girl in you and try playing again. Here’s a new version: using a deck of cards designate each King to each potential husband (there should be four choices). The person whose turn it is will ask questions pertaining to the choices. Examples include: “Who will take me on the most romantic date?”, or “Who loves cats as much as I do?”. The dealer, will turn over a cards from the deck, sequentially placing them in front of each King until a heart comes up. A new question is then asked until the cards are all used up. The cards pertaining to each man are counted and sorted into groups: hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds. Diamonds means the amount of money you will have with that man, clubs are they children and the heart to spade ratio is how happy you are (the more hearts the better)!



Make it extreme by adding buddies: not only do you have to be touching throughout the match, but you also can’t fall!