Relatable Winter Gifs To Get You Through The Week

Winter in Seattle has been strange recently. From almost no snow to a full-on snowpocalypse, Seattleites are still figuring out a way to navigate through the change in weather. However, from rainy days to the dread of coming back from the holidays, some things just never change. Here are some relatable gifs to get you through the week.  


Although the ice has melted, those of you who managed to not slip on the ice like this goat deserves an award. New decade, new skills.​



The underground light rail just needs to be build already. Inconsistent bus schedules are a P-R-O-B-L-E-M. Especially in the snow. Waiting 30 minutes to an hour for the bus to come is ridiculous in bad weather. (Also, this gif was taken in Montreal, but you get the idea).


When the new quarter has started and your professor is already piling on the homework. Same, kid. ​


Post-class. Shoulda stayed at home. 


Just a quick reminder that you are not alone in this winter. Take in the sweater weather, latte-drinking, ice skating, cookie-making season while it lasts. And while you're at it, stay safe, kids. Spring will be here just before you know it!