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The Power of Music: Maggie Rogers

“Music is not to hear, it is to feel”

The first time I heard Maggie Rogers, it was summer of 2016. My surroundings lit merely by moonlight as we counted shooting stars.  A friend of mine was playing music, and as the first few chords of her notorious tune “Alaska” echoed, I was intrigued. Her enchanting voice followed, captivating me.

“Who is this?”

“Maggie Rogers? I don’t know. Someone Pharrell discovered at NYU,” he responded.

With further inquiry, my friend informed me that Rogers didn’t have much music released at the moment, but that she was definitely my vibe.

You’d love her music.”

My friend was right, I did.

I continued to follow Rogers over the year, discovering her love of the environment, and connection to her childhood summer camp, themes I identify in my own life, in addition to her down to earth characteristics that I admire of someone rising to such stardom.

One year following my initial exposure, I had a day off of working at the summer camp where I grew up and stumbled across single day tickets to the local music festival, San Francisco’s Outside Lands. Upon arriving, the lineup revealed that Rogers was set to perform. What were the odds?

I finessed my way closer to the stage and was in awe of the performance: the sheer joy and passion she had in being alive, in combination with her music left me in tears. Hearing it was unlike anything else. From “Resonant Body” to “Dog Years” to “Light On,” Rogers’ music was the first time music truly made me feel something, an expression of life foreign to words. 

At the end, filled with smiling tears, Rogers expressed her gratitude. She said, “I could have never imagined this. I was working at a summer camp a year ago, and now I get to live my dreams. Thank you.” Regardless of the fact that a year after this I was still working at the same summer camp and not touring, it inspired me as a reminder that anything is possible.

Throughout the years, Rogers has only continued to rise to fame; with the release of every single, her followers skyrocket. The November 3rd episode of Saturday Night Live features Rogers as the musical guest, and I truly believe this will transform her presence in the music industry. From a favorite lowkey indie/alternative artist to a full blown icon, taking the music world by storm. Everyone will be aware of Maggie Rogers.

In preparation for her appearance on SNL, make sure you check out her album “Now That the Light Is Fading,” in addition to the single she has released since then such as “Split Stones,” “Light On,” and one that has significantly impacted my life, “Fallingwater.”

On January 18th, Rogers will be releasing her album “Heard It In A Past Life.” Her world tour begins shortly after, stopping in Seattle on April 16th. Be sure to get your tickets and experience the magic that is Maggie Rogers. I’ve got mine, and I guarantee you won’t want to miss it.

Perhaps Rogers’ music won’t impact you the way it has me, but I urge you to give it a listen. Whether it be happiness, reminiscence, serenity or inspiration, her music will leave you feeling something.

A sophomore studying Community, Environment & Planning and Communication, Julia loves exploring new places, passions, and engaging with others.
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