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Podcasts To Listen To During Your Spring Break

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It’s 2023 and it seems like everyone is creating their own podcasts. It can be difficult deciding which podcasts to invest into each week or binge right through. As spring break approaches, I’ve compiled a list of podcasts to listen to while you’re hitting the road, cleaning your space, or relaxing outside.


Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

Unwind with Emma Chamberlain on her Spotify exclusive podcasts. Emma delves into a wide variety of topics from friendship advice to answering questions like “is creativity dead?” Anything Goes lives up to its title each week as Emma explores life’s curiosities in honest conversations.

PRetty Basic

Alisha Marie and Remi Ashten’s podcast Pretty Basic is great for when you want to unwind and hear how LA life is treating these two veteran lifestyle gurus. Some of their best episodes include their special guests from fellow members of the “Azn Girl Squad” to Meghan Trainor.


If you haven’t heard of Kelsey Kreppel, now is the time to get to know her. Preschool teacher to influencer/podcaster, Kelsey will be sure to leave you laughing with her witty jokes and creative story-telling.

True Crime

Serial (season 1)

Arguably, one of the podcasts that launched the medium into the popularity it is today, Serial broadcasted as a week by week look into the case of Helen Lee and Adnan Syed. The true crime podcasting category took off after This American Life production launched Serial with Sarah Koenig narrating. For anyone interested in the true crime category, this is a must listen.

Crime Junkie

Each week, Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat narrate murder, missing, and cold cases throughout the years. This duo and their strong fanbase have been telling true crime stories since 2017 on a variety of platforms. If you like switching up stories instead of following a singular narrative, this is the true crime podcast for you.


The Ringer-Verse

If you’re longing to keep up with all things movie/television fandom, The Ringer-Verse is the spot for you. With a collaboration of hosts including Mallory Rubin, Joanna Robinson, the Midnight Boys, and more. Don’t be ashamed to nerd out alongside these hilarious hosts. Whether you enjoy instant reactions with the Midnight Boys or deep dive into the latest episode of the latest Star Wars or HBO show with Mallory and Joanna, The Ringer-Verse has everything you need.

Trial by content

Another Ringer Podcast Special, Trial by Content debates some of the hottest topics in the entertainment industry. Fans can vote each week who they think had the best argument, and can even submit their own opinion for topics like “Worst CGI in film history,” “The Best Airplane Movie,” or the “Worst Accent in TV History.” Hear from Dave, Neil, and Joanna to see who comes on top each week and learn more entertainment news for the week that inspires each debate.

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