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Packing for Travel? These Organization Products Can Help!

Traveling is an exciting opportunity to experience new cultures and landscapes, yet packing and the logistics of getting somewhere else can cause unnecessary stress and detract from supposedly relaxing vacations. Here are two ideas to simplify packing and help with organization so that travel plans go smoothly and you are able to enjoy your trip from start to finish. 

The first item is available in many sizes and options, and is a simple solution to organizing your suitcase: packing cubes! Packing cubes are smaller fabric containers for inside a suitcase or duffel bag, and a good friend told me about her recent experience with them and how much they helped her sort and keep track of packed items. Here’s a quote based on a recent trip she took:

“I love organization and am especially always looking for better organization methods during travel. Packing cubes are one of my favorite ways to reduce the anxiety of overpacking, losing one of my favorite clothing items, or having poorly folded, wrinkly clothes on my trip, while keeping my suitcase looking cute!”

While packing cubes first and foremost help with organization, they also help fit more into your suitcase by consolidating items. By packing each cube and then putting all of the packing cubes into your suitcase, excess space is eliminated as items are packed tightly. Packing cubes are also great for grouping like items so that it’s easier to find them when out of town. By eliminating the need to dig through your bag for a specific bikini or pair of socks, your bag will stay more organized throughout the trip as well, making repacking to leave and sorting through clothes once home easier. 

Here are a few links to packing cubes, the first is the one recommended by my friend quoted earlier. 

Set of Six with Mesh

Compression Packing Cubes

Expandable Packing Cube

The second item I want to highlight are travel jewelry boxes. Accessories are sometimes overlooked when packing and, when they are packed, they are often organized in unique ways to keep them safe—in small pockets, safeguarded in between socks, or maybe worn for the flight so that you don’t lose them. While recently shopping for a better way to pack jewelry, I came across a variety of options to organize jewelry in compact and efficient ways. Here are some products I found:


Pottery Barn

Here’s a Travel + Leisure article reviewing 14 travel cases as well!

Travel jewelry cases are useful well beyond travel as well. When searching for one, I was actually looking for a convenient way to store jewelry in my dorm room that would also be easy to bring back home and store without taking up too much space. Travel jewelry boxes are great for daily storage and organization as well, especially when you are tight on space, don’t have all of your jewelry with you, or want to separate a few favorite pieces for easy-access.

Packing cubes and travel boxes are two items I have come across recently, and, as online browsing is my default procrastination method, I thought I’d share some of the products I found; I hope these inspire you to improve your packing and organization methods!


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