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Organization Tips and Tricks

I’ve never really considered myself as a prime example of staying organized seeing as I procrastinate a ton but working and going to school full time have forced me to acquire better time management and organization skills. Here are some the things I use and like to do to keep myself organized and on top of things to help during zoom fatigue we’re all experiencing that’ll (hopefully) force us to get our shit together.





Despite using this thing religiously now, I never really liked the idea of a digital planner despite the fact that I’m on my phone like all the time. My job requires me to have at least my work schedule and class schedule updated on google calendar and it helped me discover how useful it is. I use it mostly for organizing class times, work shifts, doctors/therapy appointments, meetings and even reminders like when articles are due and such. Google calendar lets you receive notifications for your events as well which are super nice when you spend all your time on your computer to just get a reminder about class starting soon. Plus, you can color coordinate things easily and set reoccurring events which is all super convenient in a quarter system.


2.Dry Erase calendar


Another little tool I like to use is a dry erase calendar. I have mine right above my desk, so I can look up at it when I’m working or doing homework. Here I organize some personal life events, work reminders, payday, birthdays and exams. Since I spend a lot of my time at my desk, I try to have events that are a little more time elapsed like deadlines for work projects or when to send reminder emails out for work. I could of course add these to my Google calendar, but these are things that depend more on the month and I’d prefer to have available for me to be reminded of more conveniently.




I learned to appreciate lists thanks to my therapist who would make me write stuff down as a way of reassurance and to relieve anxiety. My sister got me a handy dandy daily list that allows me to write my hourly schedule alongside it as well. I like to make lists at the start of my day of things I want to do. Making lists keeps me on top of things I need to do that day so I don’t forget and it feels nice to have something physical I can mark off as done afterwards and get a lil serotonin boost after it.


4.Color coordinate


I have been color coding my notebooks and folders for classes since junior high but now I color code just about anything. I color code all my class notes thanks to my AP psych teacher in high school. Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes it so much easier to review notes or to remember things as you’re spending a little more time in making it a specific color. I make words and definitions a certain color and formatted a certain way and like to use a specific color for graphs and charts or headings and subheadings as well. I also coordinate a pen color to every class for when I write in a planner or use a list. Since each class has a color, I write assignments pertaining to that class in that classes color. That way, I know what class the assignment is for just by the color. For personal things, I use whatever color I’m feeling that day.



These are of course things that work for me and you may find no use for them or maybe you already do these. Hopefully these are some good ideas to at least get you started or things you can adapt to ensure they really help you stay organized!

marina martinez

Washington '22

Marina is a junior at the UW and is majoring in Sociology with a minor in Writing. Marina is a Washington native and is passionate about all things social justice, defeating the patriarchy, and writing. In her free time, she loves binge-watching tv shows, scrolling through tik tok, thrift shopping and napping.
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