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Networking for Success: Inside The UW Women’s Network

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing with Bianca Bucerzan, the president of the UW Women’s Network, to delve into how this club is empowering young women to reshape their perspectives on ambition and seize rewarding career paths. Here’s a glimpse into our insightful conversation:

How would you define the mission and purpose of the UW Women’s Network?

“The UW Women’s Network is a nationwide club and North America’s largest women’s networking organization. We focus on cultivating and redefining women’s ambition by connecting members to industry leaders, professional development resources, and career opportunities. We also organize career-focused events featuring esteemed guest speakers. Some notable speakers have included CEOs from various industries, journalists from leading news channels, and expert panels on health-related topics. Our objective is to cover various industries and ensure networking opportunities are accessible to women from all walks of life. Our club strives to foster a supportive environment where women can thrive without competition, promoting mutual celebration and empowerment.”

What has been the pivotal or defining aspect of the club’s journey so far?

“One pivotal moment was last year’s bonding event, where we painted CDs. We were getting into the groove of things and were amazed by the big turnout! It was really cool to see everyone coming and making new friends. And it was such a wonderful bonding experience to see how many people were interested in networking and our initiative!”

What are some common barriers or obstacles that young women face in their career journeys, and how does The Women’s Network help overcome them?

“In my opinion, many young women encounter barriers when attempting to enter male-dominated industries, making breaking into these fields especially challenging. It’s crucial to acknowledge that men often possess innate privileges that women do not, further complicating women’s career journey. Additionally, many colleges lack initiatives specifically designed for women, especially in their career pursuits. The Women’s Network plays a vital role in overcoming these obstacles by providing a supportive environment, networking opportunities, and resources tailored to address the unique challenges faced by women.”

Lastly, are there any upcoming events, initiatives, or milestones that you’re particularly excited about for The Women’s Network?

“Although our primary focus remains on career opportunities, I’m excited about our expansion into academic success. Our VP of DEI, Hayley Chu, proposed a great idea called ‘Study Date,’ where students can come together to study, forge new connections, and discover more about the Women’s Network. The location will be in various cafes around campus and will be held in a quiet and relaxed environment. If anyone wants to stay updated on our events and activities, feel free to follow our Instagram @thewomensnetwork_uw

Naomi Hailu

Washington '25

Naomi, a third-year student at the University of Washington is a double major in Law, Societies, and Justice and Political Science. She is deeply passionate about various aspects of law and social justice. Post-graduation she plans to attend law school to tackle gaps in the justice system while exploring her interests in writing and journalism through platforms like HER Campus.