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My Thoughts on the Friends Reunion

Growing up, I watched Friends reruns on Nickelodeon. I easily became hooked, fascinated by every aspect of the show: the characters, their relationships with each other, the humor, the comedic and not-so-comedic plot points. When I was just shy of thirteen, all ten seasons were released on Netflix, and my love for the show took on an entirely new meaning. I desperately wanted to live the lives they had: staying in a giant apartment in the middle of New York City, while also having the time (and money) to go to a coffee house every day. But beyond that, I loved the idea of having those kinds of friendships, and as with every fan of the show, I couldn’t help but feel a part of this group. 

When the Friends reunion trailer was first introduced, I had mixed feelings. I was excited to see one of my favorite shows being talked about again, but most TV reunions are nothing short of disappointing. The shows that decide to add new episodes feel disconnected from what made the original series so impactful. And the shows that have interview reunions are overhyped through marketing; they are usually not well executed and come across as a cash grab. I was excited after hearing about the Friends reunion, yet I couldn’t help having doubts in the back of my mind. 

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But, the reunion was nothing short of spectacular. All six co-stars hadn’t been in the same room together in years, which made their reunion all the more enjoyable to watch. They reminisced about the show by visiting the set, reading old scripts, watching bloopers, and through trivia. These moments allowed me to remember why I loved the show so much in the first place. And the creators were featured, who talked about how they conceptualized the show and the casting process. 

This documentary-style aspect is what made the reunion stand out. There was also an interview hosted by James Corden, which I definitely enjoyed, but it wasn’t as memorable. It wasn’t much of an interview, instead an excuse to feature some of the other memorable actors. Of course, I loved seeing these actors on my screen again, but it would’ve been more effective to feature them differently. 

In my opinion, what made the reunion so special was how it highlighted the impact on its fans. Friends was popularized worldwide, and seeing how much this show meant to so many people was one of the best parts. Hearing fans talk about the show, celebrities or otherwise, reminded me of what was so special about this sitcom. If you’re a Friends fan and you’re debating whether or not to watch the reunion, watch it!



Annie Melnick

Washington '24

Annie is an English major at the University of Washington, where she is a contributing editor and writer for Her Campus. She is originally from Los Angeles and enjoys creative writing, reading novels, listening to music, traveling, and drinking coffee.
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