A Letter to My Forever Friend


It all started with a Snapchat. It was the summer before junior year and you had posted about your goals for the year, which included making new friends. So, I slid up. Who knew that that one small action would have resulted in you becoming someone I can call a lifelong friend? The result: food rides, our first rave, parties, concerts, random adventures, daily texts, and rants in each other’s cars. 

At the moment, we are 1,040 miles apart, which is normal considering we now go to colleges in different states. I harass you with random messages showcasing how much I miss you and how much I care for you, so I know you know that. We may each have our college best friends and other friends, but you’re the hometown best friend and that holds a special place for me. You saw me grow up, through my highs and lows, have tolerated my annoying lows and the weirdest highs, and was there for so many of my firsts. And you’re not just the hometown best friend, you’re family. You’re the forever friend that I can see being by my side through the next major events of my life. And I’ll be by yours for your journey as well. You’re stuck with me, sorry. 

I mean, we have over 700+ files of videos, screenshots, and photos in between our texts from one another, so I guess you can say we talk a bit too much. Half of it is nonsense, the other half of it is purely random, but I appreciate it all. I appreciate you. I know you’re not used to saying “I love you”, but just know that I do. 

Thank you for telling me whenever you have to take a dump.

Thank you for being my personal navigator. 

Thank you for all the Snapchat memories.

Thank you for being a part of my life and everyone else’s.

Our kids better grow up being best friends or else we are having a do-over.