Jordan Peele’s New Horror Movie ‘Us’ Will Have You Questioning Everyone and Everything

WARNING: Contains spoilers

After the huge success of Get Out by Oscar-winning director Jordan Peele comes his new movie Us —  a creepy story about people’s doppelgängers seemingly wanting to take over the world. In brief, the plot follows a woman named Adelaide (played by Lupita Nyong’o) who goes back to her family’s beach house in Santa Cruz after a nightmare event that happened to her as a young girl in the 1980s. And like all other horror movies, this nightmare experience isn’t over just yet; she encounters the terrifying doppelgänger of herself and her friends and family again as humans are getting killed all over the city. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jordan Peele movie without some intense plot twist, which, after I understood at the end, had me mind blown for days

Similar to Get Out, this movie takes on themes of social injustice and world problems but this time, Jordan Peele made it a lot more terrifying. His filmmaking technique pushes us to question so many things such as class, race and American politics/government. Jordan Peele even stated that it was his intention to have people talk about the film after they watched it, which is exactly what everyone seems to have been doing around the world. Reddit and Buzzfeed have many theories and articles about the different meanings of this film, particularly on what the ending was supposed to symbolize and what is up with all of the characters and the Tethered versions. 

If you’re into movies that play with your mind and leave you questioning everything you just watched, I highly recommend watching this movie. Jordan Peele once again has produced an amazing film in which hopefully he can win more Oscars for.