Anna Schultz-Bra Straps Slip Straps And Choker

Jewelry Trends We Love

  1. 1. Butterflies

    two pink boxes with bow

    Thanks to a certain makeup mogul, these beautiful creatures are popping up everywhere in jewelry, fashion, beauty, and design.

  2. 2. Roses

    They're perfect as a pair and undeniably cute!

  3. 3. The Sun

    Sun shining from behind clouds

    The sun is a sign of strength, warmth, and power.

  4. 4. Chains

    Anna Schultz-Girl Smiling In Bed Mood Lighting

    Chunky chains, layered chains, chains with a lock, you name it and people are wearing it. Like the thin chains popular among guys, this trend rocketed to popularity on the popular social media app Tik Tok.

  5. 5. Pearls

    Tamara Bellis

    They're classic and timeless, and they can easily be styled casual and formal wear.