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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.

Gone Girl, the iconic New York times best selling book turned movie that most of us have read or seen at some point. Although the story is filled with action and shock, there is one scene in particular that is the most acclaimed, the cool girl monologue.

So what is this famous monologue and why is it so highly regarded? The cool girl monologue is mainly important due to the relevance relating to the issues many women face in today’s society. In her relationship, the main character, Anne has to pretend to fit into this perfect mold to please her husband. Men want a “cool girl”, Anne states, and we strive to live up to their standard. A cool girl will drink beer and eat cold pizza with the guys, but somehow remain in perfect shape. The cool girl is un-opinionated and only there to fulfill her man’s sexual desires. A cool girl reverts herself into her partners greatest fantasy, without asking anything in return. And eventually, men find themselves “a newer, younger, bouncier cool girl.” Many women feel as though they have to live up to this unrealistic expectation. If we are opinionated or go against the requirements, we are automatically eliminated as a “cool girl” and deemed undesirable. Once girls start lacking these attractive qualities, men may replace them with a newer version, until they get bored with that version as well. Many of us are all too familiar with this feeling. Often we force ourselves to be this ideal dream girl and to support our partner, without asking anything in return. Many of these ideals oppose each other, making it impossible for most women to achieve. For example, being a “free-spirited” personality, having fun, never getting angry, but also not having any opinions that differ from those of your partner. Remaining a size 2, while also getting a beer with friends and eating junk food and wings. Being attractive and sexy, but only for your partner, never for yourself. All in all, these contradicting standards of a cool-girl are used to diminish women’s control in the work place, relationships, and even friendships. Since there can only be one, girls often feel the need to compete with each other for the cool girl trophy. Basically,  by playing into the role we promote the idea that this ideal is attainable, which we all know it’s not. I don’t know about you, but being opinionated, passionate, and unique is better than being a stupid “cool girl” anyway. 

Isabella Koch

Washington '22

A Midwest girl trying to figure out her way through the PNW!