"I'll Call an Uber"

Talking with Julia, 19 — 4.96 stars

When did you start using Uber?

  • I started using Uber during my sophomore year of high school. I was visiting Seattle for the first time to look at UW with my family.

How often do you Uber?

  • More than I’d like to say. Probably three days a week, more or less. The amount of times a day also depends.

How would you describe yourself as an Uber rider?

  • I try not to be an awkward person. I think I’m forward and social in an appropriate way, not anything overboard. I just don’t want it to be an uncomfortable drive.

What’s your favorite type of Uber driver?

  • I like people that are familiar with the area. Especially because I am not from Seattle, it’s nice when the drivers have more to say about wherever we’re driving.

Can you recall any weird Uber experience?

  • I’d say my weirdest experiences have just been riding with bad drivers. Recently one of my drivers drove on the wrong side of the road, on purpose, because he missed the turn.

If you could modify Uber in any way, what would you do?

  • I think I would let people with authority in the company know that there are bad drivers driving under their company. That’s a potential lawsuit if there was ever an accident.

Years ago, car app services would seem insane or even dangerous. What about today’s society do you think shifted the view to where now getting into a stranger’s car is acceptable?

  • I think society’s views on trust have changed. Today, many of us are more open and forward in our society. Back then, if you were in uncomfortable situations, you’d probably hide or dismiss it. Now you can be more upfront about uncomfortable situations, and you don’t have to be afraid to speak up. Also, this is just what it’s resorted to. It’s expensive to rent cars when you’re away. Uber is more accessible, cheaper, and has created a whole new job for people.