I Tried the Womanizer Premium and OMG

You know how your mother always told you that masturbation wasn’t lady like? That may have just been my mom, but I’m sure others were told something similar. Well, I have learned at least two things about masturbation in my 26 years on this earth. First, masturbation is the BEST way to learn what you like in bed. Once you know what you like, sex with your SO will never be the same. Second, toys should always be a go-to in the bedroom. One of my favorite toys to use for my little one on one time is the Womanizer.

The Name

Let me first take a minute to discuss the name. Personally, I think it leaves out a whole other universe of people who have clits. There are transmen who have a clitoris as well as gender nonbinary people. When naming this toy the Womanizer, they probably should have considered this during its marketing. This is the only criticism I have, because as the title of this article gave away– well, I’ll let my review speak for itself.

The Womanizer Premium

When I first got the toy, the salesperson at Lover’s told me that I would orgasm in 60 seconds or less. I thought she was lying to me. Statistically women orgasm after 20 minutes of clitoral or g-spot stimulation. 60 seconds? It’s very unlikely. But she wasn’t lying. The Premium has what is called “Pleasure Air Technology,” which is a patented suction and massaging air that stimulates your clitoris. It has 12 different intensity levels as well as an autopilot setting.

My Experience

Before using the Womanizer, I had never had an orgasm in less than 60 seconds. When I used the Womanizer Premium– my SO timed it for me. Thirty seconds into using it, I orgasmed. It was amazing. During penetrative sex, the toy takes it to an even more intense level that would be too graphic to put in an article like this one. It’s a feeling I cherish with my partner. The autopilot setting is one I only recently tried out and, while it takes longer to orgasm, the stimulation your clitoris will receive is even better than jumping to your favorite intensity setting. It starts slow and soft and then goes to a happy medium and then instantly hits with the most intense stimulation. Then back to slow and soft, but only after you have already orgasmed twice.

This is a toy I highly recommend getting when you are craving time with your SO but they aren't there to feed the beast or if you just have had a stressful week and need a release. You can find out how to buy it at womanizer.com and read even more reviews, because if I haven’t convinced you to make the purchase, they certainly will.