I Tried on Various Amazon Lashes So You Don’t Have To

In an ideal world, my false lash collection would be made up of Lilly Lashes, House of Lashes, Huda Lashes, and lots of other amazing high-end brands. In my (real) world, I’m a broke college student just trying to get the most beauty bang for my buck. I tried a bunch of more affordable lashes on Amazon so you don’t have to!

1. 3D Mink False Eyelash LASGOOS Degisn Luxurious Natural Messy Volume Fluffy Long Hot Fake Eyelashes 5 Pairs/Box A11-5 ($10.99 for 5 pairs)

This lash pack makes it to the top of my list. As someone with hooded eyes, I find that lots of lashes will either look unnatural or too long for me. This particular lash makes my eyes look glamorous, and the fact that it is made out of faux mink and the hairs are crisscrossed and messy makes it look real!

2. 3D False Eyelashes Extensions 3 Pairs Long Lashes Strip with Volume for Women's Makeup Handmade Soft Fake Eyelash

This lash style is more natural than my #1. It is perfect for a casual everyday look for those of you who prefer a less glamorous style. I love how the hairs are longer at the ends, giving me a subtle cat-eye look.

3. False Eyelashes, 3D Faux Mink Fake Eyelashes Handmade Dramatic Thick Crossed Cluster False Eyelashes Black Nature Fluffy Long Soft Reusable ($6.99 for 5 pairs)

This lash is a basic must-have for everyone! From novice to aficionado, this lash has an equal length all-over, making it suitable for most eye types. The bands are black but thin enough so that if you’re ever in a rush, you can pull off just glueing these on to your bare eyelids. As long as you get close enough to your lash line (without touching it) it will look like lash extensions!

4. Mixed 3D Mink Hair False Eyelashes Dramatic Long Fake Lashes Full Strips Thick Cross Wispy Volume Fluffy Eye Makeup Tools5 Pairs (Q1) ($3.68 for 5 pairs)

This lash has a criss-cross style and is a little longer than my usual taste. As I have hooded eyes, I find this lash a little overwhelming to wear with a lot of eye makeup. However, it gives you that simple alluring look if you wear it with minimal eye makeup and eyeliner.