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How to Survive a Summer Living in a Fraternity (and Why You Need to Do It Before Graduating)

At the University of Washington, there is the amazing opportunity to live in at a fraternity over the summer and pay a fraction of the cost of any rental situation. I’ve done so two summers in a row and will be partaking in the activity again this summer! Living in a fraternity can be quite an experience, so I’ve decided to give all girls some tips on how to survive- as well as why you need to live-in at least once before the end of your undergraduate career!


1. Stand out.

Most of the fraternities offer live-in but with many girls flocking to the good deal, there is an application process. The applications are different for each fraternity and tailor to what that fraternity is looking for. There are the basic questions such as age, name, year in college, etc., but there are questions designed to bring through your personality. These questions can be bizarre beyond belief, but the trick is to answer it with some creativity! One application asked me how I felt about full frontal male nudity, for example. So, think honestly with yourself if you’re comfortable living with the sort of people who would ask you this on an application.


2. Attend Events!

Living in at a fraternity is one of the best ways to make new friends with guys and girls, but you have to go to the social events the fraternities hold! Everyone knows that new social settings can be uncomfortable sometimes, but build up the courage to step out of your comfort zone and get a little fratty. You’ll find you will have a great time!

People come from different sororities and dorms to live in so everyone is in the same boat of being surrounded by new people. Do your best to reach out to these people in the beginning as bonds begin to form, and you don’t want to be left out knowing no one by the end! Plus, often there are really exciting activities such as boating, camping trips, bonfires, themed parties, and rafting that the fraternities offer, so why wouldn’t you want to be involved?


3. Get your own dishware.

This may seem like a no-brainer but if you live in a sorority or dorm during the year, you’ve not had any need for these things. Well, living in a fraternity you definitely do! Depending on the fraternity, no dishware or silverware may be provided, and even if it is, you may not want to use it…


4. Vacuum and wipe down as soon as you move in!

If you’ve ever been to a fraternity you know how quickly they can become unbelievably dirty. If you don’t want to live in the filth that the boys before you were, wipe down with some Clorox wipes! On another cleanliness note, make sure to wear flip flops in the showers as they’re almost always communal!


5. Be a bro, not a ho.

Living with a bunch of muscle-milk chugging, bro-tank wearing, swoll, fratilicous guys may bring out the boy-crazy streak in you, but don’t get too much of a “jump-on-it” sort of an attitude. In other words, don’t be that girl who hooks up with everyone in the house. Yes, hang out with the guys, partake in the activities, maybe even get a bro-tank, but don’t go sleeping with every guy in the house. If you think about it, that’s just awkward considering you will be living with them all summer. So, gain bro status and be the girl that all the guys in the house want to chill with: not the girl that’s easy to get into bed.


Why you must do it!

Despite the negatives, as there are in any situation, living in a fraternity is one of the most exciting experiences you can have as an undergrad. No matter what, there are always people planning fun adventures or enjoying the sun with summer activities. You’ll guaranteed have some crazy new experiences to share in the fall. Plus, the cost is so cheap: $300 on average for the whole summer! What a steal! So, if your summer goal is to make new friends and experience the kind of college life you only see in movies, you definitely need to try live-in!


On a side note: if you’re worried the full frontal nudity thing may actually be an issue, have no fear! There are bathrooms specific to each gender so it’s likely you won’t run into a boy sporting only his birthday suit…no promises though.


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