How Miley Cyrus' New Music Reminds Us that Self Discovery is Never Ending.

Miley Cyrus is back with new music with her most recent EP, SHE IS COMING. In these past 5 years, we’ve watched Miley explore a range of different genres, from her drastic switch to the hypersexualized Bangerz, to her psychedelic Miley & Her Dead Petz, then a rawer and more acoustic Younger Now to celebrate her country roots. While some may complain about Miley’s career being confusing and unpredictable due to her bouncing from genre to genre, I find it exciting and relatable.

The majority of us young adults are working on finding ourselves. We’re constantly trying out new music, different art forms and hobbies, new styles, or even new makeup looks! While there are some things I know about myself for sure, I’m always looking to see which qualities I can expand and explore better about myself. At 19-20 years old, it can feel like we’re already supposed to know ourselves, but that isn’t always the case. So, to see Miley Cyrus, at 26 years old, still work on discovering her sound trying out different phases is encouraging for young adults such as myself.

Through each track, it is clear she’s having fun and being creative, pulling a little of everything from her previous phases. Her multidimensionality finally flourishes in a total of six songs. With her trap-infused beats, explicit lyrics, and collaboration with Mike WiLL Made-It, we are reminded of her Bangerz era. At the same time, her songs are also melodic and poppy, as she continues to show off her unique and strong voice and nodding to her Younger Now and Hannah Montana eras (we all knew what she was doing when she brought back the long blonde hair).

Miley reminds all of us that we are multidimensional people with different interests and tastes. Sometimes those tastes don’t always overlap, but that’s what makes us unique individuals. Miley demonstrates all of her different accumulated personas through her new EP, showing us that the process of self-discovery is one that takes time and varies for each person. While we don’t know if this is her final form, or what genre she’ll take on next, we do know one thing: she is coming.